01/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photo…this blog will be un-manned on weekends. Un-womanned? You all KNOW what I mean, I refuse to start grappling with pronouns at my age, ok? Spring is not here, but the weeds will start growing again within two weeks. So, I must hie forth when I have morale, and sometimes physical support ON weekends, to battle the little green growing demons.

I must peruse seed catalogues, too. And cover the raised beds with plastic to warm them up FOR seeding. So, hey, bankers’ hours for my bitch-fests from now on! You may sign with relief now…

Ooops…yes, the Food Blogging Project posts WILL appear on Saturdays…canned the night before, alas.


8 thoughts on “Henceforth

  1. Jennifer says:

    Spring? What is this spring, you speak of? Colorado winters last from October to late May at a minimum. *sigh*

    But I’m dreaming of a greenhouse….

    • We keep talking greenhouse since we are near enough the mountain that our first frosts can be in September and the last ones in May. My raised beds are mini-Greenhouses until the plastic hoods wear out…so I have a few years to decide…

  2. pjvj says:

    *jealous* of your early spring. I ordered my seed from rareseeds.com to try that instead of GMO plants this year.

    • Oh, trust me, nothing will survive the frosts till after May 1st if not later. But weeds grow from Feb onward, and I must till and till again to clear the garden and expose roots to frosts. And try to warm the earth enough that May plantings come up sometime before JUNE!

      • pjvj says:

        I hear you. No tilling while the ground is frozen here and then we have to get past the 3 Icemen of May before putting a plant in. Last year the 3rd one was on May 31st, just because he could be. But, that’s how it goes here. 🙂

      • Our spring was similar last year…only stuff under heavy plastic survived to thrive. The ground freezes infrequently and for short periods, so I can till and attempt to kill weeds in between.

  3. karen says:

    Okay, I can live with that, but are you going to give up news on the weekends? I think you should and that it would make your time with seed catalogues and green demons, and then the planting and such more enjoyable.
    I like the food blogging, by the way, and I have the Vegetarian Epicures 1 and 2 and Nourishing Traditions. I use the recipes in NT and I use it as a reference book, but I find her a bit strident in her opinions too.

    • Yes, going to ignore news on weekends, too! Yes, in NT….strident and more so later in the book. As you say, I find it an occasionally useful reference. Eventually, I will “gut” the relevant portions onto my i-pad compendium and just be done with the treeware strident bits.

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