Friday Five – If Wishes Were Horses

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01/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

The holiday lights are all down and away, both houses here are dim in comparison with ordinary light now. Resolutions are being half-heartedly followed/fulfilled. How about New Year’s Wishes? No, not resolutions — those often irresolute things, but things we’d like to see changed and made new? For better or worse….

(1) Mexican craft beer! Seriously, you Star Wars fans will LOVE this story! Me, envious of the barley goodness, I just envy the beer drinkers some more! (Hat-tip to Yewberry!) So, of course, I wish there was more delicious craft beer available!

(2) What to choose to link to for this wish? I wish American film, news coverage and war making habits would STOP glorifying the concept that both power and solutions ONLY emanate from the ends of guns and weapons. In movies, the villains always die in a shoot out. Whenever the cops have a fight or hunt someone down, it is always the shooting end that it publicized. And we never go about solving international issues quietly — no, most of the time it is ‘death from above’ and M-16s. So, yeah, call me a silly liberal if you want, but I think entirely too many young people (like that boy in New Mexico) have decided that gunfire IS the only solution to problems. Oh, and the moron media? Stop calling a twelve year old a “gunMAN”, ok? Give me a fucking break.
Oh, and I am waiting with baited breathe to hear the NRA defense of an ex-cop who shot a man in a theater for throwing a (OMGs!) dangerous lethal bag of popcorn at him. Gee, using guns to solve problems again, eh? Heaven help the parents of the next crying baby in a theater with some guy like this shooter.

(3) I wish the US Olympics head dude wasn’t such a tool. Gee, you Olympic medal-guided-drone-asshat, I suppose if you were in charge of the American team for the 1936 Olympics in Munich you might have wanted to bleach Jesse Owens, eh?

(4) Speaking of moron media, I wish those mealy-mouthed chicken-shit bastards would honestly report on environmental debacles in the United States they way they would report upon it if it happened someplace like Russia, or China. Because, gee, I have to read foreign news and blogs to get anything like a REAL idea of WTF is going on.

(5) I wish the Olympics had not been granted to Russia, because selecting Sochi as the site is one of the stupidest things EVER. It is too late to wish that, of course; I honestly wonder about the alleged honesty of the selection process of late. I wonder what sort of bloodshed (talk about power from the end of a gun!) will mark this Winter Olympics? I likely wont’ be watching. I used to love watching, when the Olympics ran hour after hour, showing nearly EVERY competitor. Now, US television cuts it to a few hours a night — edited to show Americans, Canadians, Russians, Germans, and Brits, and maybe some other lucky soul not Northern European, but only if they make it into the top five positions. It has become racist bullshit. And part of me wonders, because surely Russian KNEW of the threat level around Sochi — are the Russians USING the Olympics as a kind of colossal “bait” to draw out the terrorists they have been after for so long?

And bonus #6? I wish the hyperbole over whether or not “pot is harmless” would die in a fire. Lots of DANGEROUS fucking things are legal, ok? Tobacco, booze, OTC medicines, prescriptions for narcotics, dumping shit in rivers and ripping people off (only for corporations, not for accountable individuals, of course). So shut the fuck up about how dangerous pot is, by comparison it is as fatal as a melting marshmallow atop hot chocolate. Unless there is going to be a scream to re-prohibit booze…btw, abuse of which yields similar results to all the dread effects listed in that link, really, just shut up now. Also? The original ban was racially motivated, so hey, yeah, that is virtuous, eh?

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