Pope Francis? Want to Talk “Throwaway”?

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01/16/2014 by syrbal-labrys

545237Hey, Your Holiness? Can we talk, just for a second? You say abortion is a symptom of a throwaway mentality? I get that, I do. Oh, and full disclosure? I’ve had an abortion. Waste of money, that; because I would have miscarried on my own if I’d given it another week or two. But hey, water under the bridge.

You think people shouldn’t throw away fetuses? I think people shouldn’t throw away PEOPLE. Like women. Women are thrown away all the damned time, Pope Francis. And by YOUR Church, too. They aren’t good enough to be priests, or archbishops, or cardinals, or popes. That is a throw-away of half the freaking planet.

Of course, they are thrown away by other patriarchal religions, too, being relegated to the back of the bus mosque. Maybe you can share the guilt?

They are thrown away by societies that don’t protect them against rape…that murder that leaves the victim breathing, suffering and trapped with a pulse forever afraid of it happening again and again and again.

They are thrown away by doctors and pharmacists who don’t think they could impinge on their fragile little consciences to provide birth control, and thrown away again as they struggle to feed the resulting children so they don’t have to bury starved babies; because the men in their life cannot possibly grasp the concept of NOT fucking whenever they want to do so.

They are thrown away by other women, brainwashed into thinking that men should be in charge of whatever happens to female bodies.

They are thrown away by employers who pay them less, and reply to pleas for better wages or hours with a threat to fire them and hire a man instead.

In China, sometimes, they are thrown away before they ARE women, because they are baby girls and not as desired as baby boys.

They are thrown away by human traffickers and pimps, for being human and sick or pregnant.

So, Francis? I’ve really admired how you’ve told people that rich bastards shouldn’t own the world. Now, Holiness Honey? Man the fuck up, really grow a big pair of brazen balls (Jesuits are famous for those) and tell the planet it isn’t owned by just MEN either, ok? Then you can come back and talk to me about what is being thrown away. Oh, and also? If you want to talk about throw-away children? Sure, lets begin with a discussion of the sexually abused children your PRIESTS threw away, shall we?


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