But Then Again, Line ‘Em Up & Shoot Them

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01/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Tarot_001…the rapists, that is. Yes, humanist first and feminist second (Yeah, yeah, shoot me, too, if you like, but make sure your aim is perfect. I tend to be vengeful when frightened or wounded.) In my earlier post today, “Representation” I was berating myself for using a feminist rant-attack post as being my best post of last year. Because it seemed so safe for me to rant about something as unquestionably egregious as the rampant rape culture behaviors, you see. Nobody was going to go toe to toe with me on that one.

So, I felt, in retrospect, as if I had chickened out. My real pain, my real windmill-tilting is about how a culture that considers itself so civilized, so “Christian” can go on sacrificing men and women and money to a WAR culture. Of course, any culture with disempowered women is so much more capable of that, because nobody is afraid that a horde of pissed off mothers will start offing the generals for bringing home their “babies” in body bags. So humanism and feminism have a big bridge of “This shit SUCKS!” right there and I dare Chris Christy to shut that one down with mere traffic cones.

But geez, the computer keys were scarcely cold from posting when I read about another rape of a female tourist in India. :::pause for beating my head against a pillow-cushioned desk::::

Ok, really? What the unholy fuck is wrong with men? I mean, really guys, WTF?! I’m dying to know, do those bastards just walk out on the street the way women walk into a grocery store, thinking anything is ‘have-able’? Do they just see the whole goddamned world as a free sex-shop? Is the assumption that all women are whores with hearts of gold and a negligent pimp so they can have their way without even paying money?

On second thought, no…just shut the fuck up. I do not WANT to know the mentality behind such horror. But let me tell you what, I am not going to India…ever. Yes, I know rape happens other places; I’ve been raped by a man I thought I might fall in love with — and no, I sure didn’t once I knew he didn’t know what the word “No!” meant. To women being raped? Dear Women…LIVE through it, memorize the face(s) of your attackers. Never for one instant blame yourself…blame them and the society that tacitly tells them it is ok.

And yes, if it takes following them home in the dark with a can of kerosine in hand because your society doesn’t give a shit and the cops don’t care (or worse, assist in your torment) — get your own back in whatever way gives you peace to move onward. Oh, and if anyone wants to piss and moan at me about inciting violence? Fucking bite me. I consider it retroactive self-defense, because if the bastard does it once, he will do it again. Freedom of speech and artistic license and all that….if some Fox-Newsworthy blogger can advocate murder of people for merely having California license plates, don’t even tell me I am out of line for advocating injury or death to rapists as a self-defense, especially gang rapists. And no wonder Kali (in my illustration) is still a popular goddess in India. I could get behind dancing on bodies and chewing some male gut myself just now.


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