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01/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photo…in the trying to manage my paranoia and fears. Because, yes, thank you…I am of the generation that had nuclear bomb drills instead of just fire drills. But I’ve kept reading and I found this nicely compacted bit of debunking to be relatively comforting about the Fukushima reactor mess. Of course, that is all good and true based on CURRENT conditions. It cannot fully allay my dread if another big quake and/or tsunami should cause renewed and worse damage and leakage.

But, yes, I am trying to get a grip. The thing about greased pigs seems to apply…

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2 thoughts on “Somewhat Better…

  1. fallconskat says:

    i’m glad that you found less biased/actually FACT based information! i know this has been tearing at your heart something fierce. *hugs*

    • Actually, the reports I had read or not biased. They were talking strictly in terms of what would happen if there were another large quake. Unfortunately those things are still true.

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