Nice Photo, Dimwits…


01/09/2014 by syrbal-labrys

VictorianHDRSometimes I am sorry when I browse. See, there is this article about home trends, saying bathtubs are going out of fashion. Please click the link and take a look. Big glass walled shower, right? And that thing beside it on the wooden floor? That is a BATHTUB. Not exactly out of style in THAT bathroom, eh? Not really making the point to match the headline, huh?

Anyhow…they are not out of style here, either. In 2011 we put a big double-ended Victorian style cast iron tub into the larger bathroom here. It is a luxury to soak in and leach out the stresses of the day. In 2008 we did the smaller bathroom and put in a shower almost as big as the one in that article above. It has a massive heavy glass door, but porcelain tiled walls. So, that article makes us old fogies, I guess. But, that shower also has a shower bar that delivers body blasts at two levels, AND a hand wand that rocks as well as an overhead downpour…so, hey, their Home and Garden department can Bite Me!


8 thoughts on “Nice Photo, Dimwits…

  1. karen says:

    I hate it when the editorial department does dumb stuff like that. Makes you wonder if thy even read the articles.

    I still hope to build a house someday, and would love an old claw tub, but baths make me feel like my heart is going to explode.

    • You know, I used to have that same issue for the longest time. It went away when I began supplementing with essential fatty acids like Evening Primrose oil!

      I love our tub, but it is not old, but a completely modern remake…and big enough for a couple, or a whole family of young kids.

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