It’s the Geography, Stupids


01/08/2014 by syrbal-labrys

jharrisonart2I admit, the Balkan whoop-a-scoop, post Soviet downfall would likely mess with my own map-labeling skills somewhat. But if “stupid” creates a gravitational field attractive to asteroids, we might ALL consider obtaining necessary anesthetic alcohol supplies NOW. (Oh, wait, my son is an artisanal mead brewer…I’ve got that covered!) Because, oh, for pity’s sake!


2 thoughts on “It’s the Geography, Stupids

  1. labrys says:

    I do something similar from time to time. But I admit, I’ve been a bit lax lately.

    Of course, I do know Americans who can’t label the 50 US states any better than the average Brit…

    • E.A. Blair says:

      I have to admit that if I tried to label a map with the names of all the UK counties or German provinces I’d be lucky to get more than two or three. I wouldn’t expect foreigners to know the US in that level of detail. I could label all of the provinces and territories of Canada, but be lost when it comes to the states in Mexico. Somehow, I managed to memorize all the states and their capitals before I even started kindergarten.

      Some years ago (in the mid-1970s), the local PBS station ran a news program from the USSR with English subtitles and commentary, and, as a child of the Cold War who had to run air raid drills in grade school, it was actually chilling to see a map of the US with the states labeled in Cyrillic.

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