Unendurable — And Invisible?


01/07/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1000 names See those names? In little glass test tubes, once mounted on the wall of my now Haven-home? More than those 1000 died to win Falluja and Anbar Province in Iraq — MORE! And it appears it was all for naught.

I fear to read the emails I get from the Dept of Defense for a while now. Sure, there will be the usual death notices from Afghanistan, and the monthly suicide statistics that try to gild the lily of lies saying stuff like “Under investigation as a POSSIBLE suicide”…pretending there is a whole lot of doubt. But I should not be afraid, because what I fear will NOT be in those email notices.

For while they will tell me if this or that reserve unit is called up, or a National Guard sent hither or yon; they will NOT tell me if Special Forces guys are covertly deployed to try leading the Iraqi Army back into Falluja victoriously. But I wonder how many women are seeing their green beret topped men vanish for an “exercise”? Yeah, I have NO trust that Kerry would not lie to us about ‘no boots on the ground’. No ADMITTED boots on the ground…


4 thoughts on “Unendurable — And Invisible?

  1. labrys says:

    The Special Forces guys are certainly military…even Delta force is recruited from the Army.

    • knightwork says:

      True, but my point was that they weren’t officially where I was at, and wouldn’t be officially where their deployment was located. They travel in planes without tail markings, and their orders are for an ‘exercise’ – as if they were orders for training, and not off to support a war…

  2. knightwork says:

    Yeah, I saw a few folks who were not regular military while I was in the service, but of course they were never there, officially. Or as the internet would say, “Pics or it didn’t happen!’.

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