Stockholm Syndrome?


01/07/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1attempting to give a fuckOr just too many knocks to the head on the basketball court? Dennis Rodman is visiting his BFF in North Korea again. Apparently, he thinks poor Kim Jong-Nuts is getting a bad rap for imprisoning an old man on what are likely trumped up charges.

Good grief, Rodman is ranting and raving — even his team looks very uncomfortable. And exactly why is that little nutjob given a basketball game for his birthday? His country lives in a delusion worse than what America indulged itself with during the Bush “Weapons of Mass Destruction” phase…of course, starvation HERE is only for the poor, and one assumes the homeless freezing on our streets as of this moment. Starvation THERE is for everyone except the little fat fuck in charge, apparently. See, this is what comes of having nukes to wave around at will….


2 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome?

  1. julesagray says:

    He’s one of the reasons why we can’t have nice things.

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