Food Blogging Project?


01/06/2014 by syrbal-labrys

IMG_4159Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be the bitchy old broad screaming and ranting about political shit and military misuse. But hey, I’ve lots of space and time, right? Over at my softer side blog (clickable in box to right), I am participating in a once a week (on Fridays) “Pagan Blogging Project” this year.

And it got me to thinking, maybe I should pick a day here and talk about something else I get both passionate and pissed off about: food and nutrition in America. Now, before every groans “Oh, Gawd, first world problem” at me…just let me say, a lot of Americans are hungry for lack of money. A lot more may fill bellies, but are not healthily fed.

And that last bit used to really puzzle me, specially as I spent more and more on groceries to maintain meal quality over mere quantity. Doctors were all on about how BADLY I was feeding my family. But none of my kids were overweight. None developed childhood diabetes or other issues that impacted nutrition. Then, as we hit our more senior years, doctors began screaming at US for basically being within 20 lbs of our young weights and bitching about cholesterol levels that were changed by less than five points. What gives, I wondered? Oh, they wanted us on statins.

Gee, the husbands cholesterol was 214, and 85 of that was the good kind. Mine was 201 and about 70 was the good kind. His BP was about 112/68, mine was around 120/72. But now? Now they say the bad cholesterol must NEVER be over 100, and that BP should not be off 110/65? Gee, that is NOT what they said for all of my adult years. So, really, Big Pharma just wants a piece of the cash pie and they are cooking the medical books.

I was baffled, as I said. I grew up with folks that ate eggs, bacon, hash browns and gravy for breakfast 5 days out of 7, and meat for dinner, too. Biscuits were made with lard or butter. People were NOT dropping dead of heart attacks and I didn’t know ANYone with cancer that wasn’t fucking old. I only knew one or two folks who weighed over 200 lbs and few folks with diabetes before age 70 or so. But in my childhood, margarin and Crisco solid shortening appeared in my mom’s kitchen — healthier it was said. And then liquid oils, with which she made a reasonably uninspiring pie crust. And since then? America has gotten fatter and sicker. What DOES give?

As an adult, after about 6 years of marriage, I went back to butter for baking and cooking and eating. Liquid oils for deep frying, olive oil for salad dressing…but no Crisco in my kitchen. But we did get rather fond of sugary treats. (Those cookies up there are made of cinnamon encrusted almonds, rye flakes, butter, and a bit of flour and sugar…they are delicious AND nutritious.) Specially when stressed, I’m too fond of sweets and I know sugar has GOT to go from my diet. And my food allergies require all sorts of fancy cook-stepping.

I’m reading thru a cookbook I picked up used, and surprise! I am not alone in wondering at the changes in the Western diet and the dictates of the medical community. Mary Fallon in “Nourishing Traditions” asks some probing questions, and is taking reams of shit from the medical community and big pharmaceuticals. She is being dismissed as “ignorant” without anyone actually bothering to explain precisely where she is wrong.

So, is anyone up for food discussions? Say on Saturdays? Already missed the first one of the year…oh well!


7 thoughts on “Food Blogging Project?

  1. Anti Kate says:

    I’m a fan of real food. I switched back to butter decades ago, as margarine just doesn’t bake right. And other things have followed in that vein. Science is great stuff, but nature always gets the last laugh. So, yeah, sign me up.

  2. Rowan says:

    I don’t know how much I’ll contribute, but food discussions are always welcome.

    • labrys says:

      Well, then, I better be attending to getting thru parts of the problematic cook book….so I can discuss my agreements and the problems thereof…

  3. Sixbears says:

    Heck, doctors want to put people over 50 on meds, just because they are over 50 -like it’s a disease to have birthdays.

  4. Brina says:

    You know I can talk about food forever. So obviously I vote “yes”!

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