The St. Stephen’s Day Murders


12/26/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Axial TIltYes, I stole that title from a song. Pretty good song, too. I’ve been on “holiday”, generally posting little over at EP “softer side” stuff about our personal celebrations and not at all here for a few days. BUT, I have seen the news. Oh, I envy the drinkers.
But you know me, I relieve myself of tension by snarking. So here are the things about which I am determined to no longer give not a fuck:1attempting to give a fuck
* Media morons like those discussing the space walk at the Space Station to do repairs. You know, the super creative ones calling the men at the Station “spaceflyers”? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the good old word “astronaut”? (Don’t even get me started on the twits who coined “warfighters” instead of saying “troops”, ok?)

* “60 Minutes” (Yes, redundancy – more media morons), not only do they think Lara Logan is just dandy like candy; but they gave the NSA a platform from which to lie their asses off trying to see to it everyone knows that Snowden is really the ‘black hat’ in our little “spy vs spy every-fucking-body” drama. So un-convinced I am!

* The “Arts & Entertainment” network. Or, as they call themselves now “A&E” because even they know there is nothing much artful or truly entertaining in a scripted show of dumbassed redneck duck-fuckers. And no, if anyone comments defending the “freedom of speech” of the said duck-fuckers? I won’t publish it, because hey, dumbfuck —that Amendment protects you from GOVERNMENT consequences, NOT personal/commercial ones, ok? Selling ignorance, religious bigotry, and bullshit as entertainment is as cynical as it gets. Bite me, A&E — which clearly now stands for Asinine & Emetic! (And all the so “Christly” ministers defending the anti-gay agenda of the Duckfucker? A Post-Christian world cannot come soon enough to put YOUR asses in the unemployment line, ok?)

*First world problems – like the Huffington Post telling me that a “Pie bird will save your holiday pie.” Give me a break? That deserves a listing under the heading “full news feed”? More media morons! Most of the piteous world would just be happy to have A pie…you shallow bastards!

*Shopping centers bitching about how there is so little business the days before Christmas. For pity’s sake, you began flogging holiday shopping as early as October and you are then surprised that almost everyone is DONE already? Good grief…get a clue already.

* That an “Ice Age Christmas Special” has mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers, and giant sloths celebrating Christmas many thousands of years before Christ was presumably born. For pity’s sake…do you guys WANT your kids to flunk science for saying that was a likelihood?

*What my “accent” says about where I am from…because the map at that link (wherein red means ‘closer’ and blue means ‘further off’) is nonsensical for the most part. I took their quiz on how I speak. Their map thinks I have patterns reflecting Alaska or Hawaii…both are among the very few states I have never set foot upon. Or Los Angeles…in which I spent an entire WEEK once. I have likewise never been in Florida and I do not intend to go there.

And finally, if I am sporadic at answering or posting, it is because I have no choice other than to give a fuck about my Mac Mini which is being a Maxi pain in the ass. It will be going to the shop AGAIN and we are going to demand a replacement for this constantly kwetching computer.


6 thoughts on “The St. Stephen’s Day Murders

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    (And all the so “Christly” ministers defending the anti-gay agenda of the Duckfucker? A Post-Christian world cannot come soon enough to put YOUR asses in the unemployment line, ok?)

    Are these ministers also cool with Phil’s racism? Why am I even asking this?

  2. fdchief218 says:

    Good on you for linking to the terrific Chieftans “St. Stephen’s Day Murders”. Terrific tune, thanks for that!

  3. Sixbears says:

    They got my accent pretty close. Of course, I don’t have an accent -everybody else does. 🙂

    I only watch TV when visiting dad. How do people do it? Even when it’s something that interests me (rare) the commercials are so annoying I walk away.

    There is almost no news in MSN news.

    By the way, why do they call it the History channel?

    • Hell if I know on the History Channel…I was very disappointed when it really went down the tubes after a brief bit of optimism at the start.

      I do watch limited television, more on my computer than the set; the ads are a bit less imposing that way. I need the distraction to sit still on occasion.

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