Nudity Will End the World

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12/19/2013 by syrbal-labrys

nonameWell, that certainly seems to be what a number of males think. Including the men who think that the rebellious Egyptian girl who took and posted a nude photo of herself should die. Apparently, it is like the “domino theory” reborn, only civilization is going to be overwhelmed this time, not by Communists, but by nude women with red lipstick?

But what first jumped out of the Spiegel article at me was this quote:

“There is a dark spot on his forehead. It comes from placing his head onto the floor five times a day to pray.”

I know, I know…likely a case of First World pettiness on my part. But all I could think was “Dude, wash YOUR floor and stop worrying about naked tits and ass.”

Honestly, you know what I think? I think, again, that it is fear. Guys who are used to being in total control of the women in their worlds are pretty sure that if women get to be total, real self-determining people, that the men will never get laid again. Well, gee, guys — I’d like to be sympathetic, I would. But if you didn’t act like ASSHATS treating women like abused pets, that wouldn’t be so much a problem!


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