Happy Freaking Holidays, OK?


12/19/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Axial TIlt Yeah, I read the news and read the blogs and wonder if vodka for breakfast (especially with my back aching) might really be the best idea. But no, things to do. Locally, a coach and homophobe has died and everyone is telling me to remember when he played for the Seahawks. You know what? I don’t really give a shit about sports, and give even less of a damn about guys possibly doing it to prove their macho heterosexuality.

The discussion about White Santa and White Swiss Jesus add a certain…oh, what to call it? A certain EXTREME LUNACY to the holiday debacle discussion. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter holiday. What I don’t get is why every freaking year, there has to be this huge public display of ASS arguing about how everyone is to celebrate it. The Christians flunked history, apparently. The Moslems are pretty sure we are ALL non-monotheistic idolators, and since Baby Mammon is seen in every shop window; they might have a point. The Jews just want assholes to stop putting obscenities on their walls and stealing the yard-sized menorahs.

And me? I am going off into my personal pagan sunset tonight to celebrate MY own personal season of renewal and rebirth. I don’t need to serve any gods to do it, either…after all, what kind of wussy-assed god would need mere humans scampering about like Wormtongue to Saruman? So, I will be over at Experiential Pagan for most of the rest of this year, doing my best to ignore the rantage over why I don’t say Merry Christmas. Hey, Hail Herne, bitches…and bite me! Believe it or not, the world was going its way before Mary’s unfortunately fated little boy was born, and it goes on going — hampered as it is by human asshattery —after he is murdered and gone.

And IF you REALLY insist upon me to saying Merry Christmas? Hey…Denis has that handled!


12 thoughts on “Happy Freaking Holidays, OK?

  1. Happy Holidays Srybal. 🙂

    Our special event at this time of year is our Solstice party – we eat, drink, sing pirate xmas carols and watch a really, really, bad movie – Santa Claus conquers the Martians. :>

    I’m not sure its about renewal and rebirth, but it sure is fun. 🙂

    Take care,


    • We begin our Solstice celebration tonight! And sometimes next week, there will be a pork pie and a watching of Terry Pratchett’s “Hogfather”. Yes, fun, warmth and good chow and drink! Yeehaw!

    • Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

      watch a really, really, bad movie – Santa Claus conquers the Martians

      “Hang up your mistletoe, soon you’ll hear ‘Ho ho ho!’
      On Christmas day, you’ll wake up and say,
      ‘Hooray for Santy Claus!'”


      • We watched one of the Kumar and Whats-his-name movies…the one with the Ukrainian mobster. A Santa that brings the tree? I could get behind that one!

      • @BBBB

        LoL. It really never gets any better after repeated viewings. This would be the third annual viewing – thank goodness for rum and eggnog.

      • ROFL….ah yes, anesthesia! I make our eggnog from a blissfully rich vanilla ice cream recipe. We rum it up to drink it, then when we have had enough? I put the rest in the Donvier Ice Cream maker and freeze it up for later on pie.

  2. Rowan says:

    “Hey, Hail Herne, bitches…and bite me! ” If I EVER manage to send cards, I have a few people for whom I think I shall have to steal that. *chuckle* Made me laugh.

    I haven’t encountered any of the WoC this year, but then again flu since Thanksgiving has put me out of reach. I just wish they’d all take a clue from the Ghost of the Past and realize Life is our business and we should attend to it.

    (Happy Hogswatch, ‘Esme’.)

    • Yes! Happy Hogswatch indeed, I’m still trying to decide where in the holidays we shall have to make a porkpie; maybe on December 25?

      • Rowan says:

        *chuckle* I’m using the Game of Thrones recipe for little pies. I’ll probably make them for “boxing day” – looks like I will have a houseful and they’ll make a nice brunch. Just don’t forget the glass of sherry. Or maybe some Grey Goose?

      • I stopped buying Grey Goose when it was bought by Bacardi — which even more than most booze purveyors spends tons of money supporting right wing politicians. I pretty much buy Scandinavian vodkas these days.

        I have some sherry…I use it for cooking; nobody here drinks it. WE will have to make do with mead. Darn.

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