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12/17/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1keep calmI have been asked to submit what I think is my best post of the year for inclusion in a kind of blogroll, the Jon Swift Memorial Roundup. Holy cats, I have NO idea what my “best” means. The very question puts me in turmoil!

As I’ve said, I sometimes feel even more than the normal existential sense of futility when I blog.
The posts that do seem to get attention, sometimes picked up by really big and excellent blogs, never seem to me to be what feels like my best — they seem to me more like off the cuff reactions.
The posts that tear me up, rip at the edges of my very life seem to touch nobody but me!

I realized that if I kept ruminating on the differences between what is popular and what is my personal best, I would again not participate. So I scrolled through my archives, reading at random…and selected this one. IS it my best? How the hell would I know? Sometimes, one has to commit to the uncertainty and be true to oneself. So hey, off the high board, eh?


8 thoughts on “This One

  1. Squathole says:

    This is a good one and I enjoyed it again. My favorites are the ones you write in response to egregious misbehavior at both high and low levels that further ruins the lives of men and women (and their families) who have served in the military or other capacity. You always convey with authority and empathy what needs to be said, and you don’t spare the outrage, either. Those posts are post-ideological, not feminist or liberal or conservative or religious, just dead-on common sense and decent. It’s why I hang around for more!

    • Thank you for the feed-back! I like post-almost anything sometimes. But seeing the slippage in women’s lives looking like a bad avalanche or mudslide full of boulders, I am always torn back to that, you know?

      I think of myself as a humanist first….I care about ALL sorts of people. I think we hurt EVERYone when we treat anyone like shit.

      I wish I could apply some of my outrage with a switch…Hey! It’s Yule time, right? I could dress up like Krampus and vist D.C.?!

  2. eldri says:

    that Is a good one–though my favorite maenad image is the one, “A Bacchante ” by Arthur Wardle

    Arthur Wardle (1864-1949), "A bacchante"

    (yeh the *Image* is stuck in my head–I remember the colours as brighter, though)
    I had to look up ‘his’ name …

  3. Rowan says:

    That is an excellent choice! Although it is hard to choose one of yours. But that one, that deserves to be read again and by a wider audience. Good choice.

    Hung in the bathroom, huh? I think most men entering your space would get the idea.

    • I don’t think very many folks read it the first time. Some readers this time didn’t bother to finish it….I guess so many have been Facebook/Twitter trained that I fail to master the fast soundbite.

  4. Anti Kate says:

    That is a good one.

    Also, what is that name of that piece of art, it’s **gorgeous**?

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