“If I Had Been There, THAT Would Have Never Happened”


12/16/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep CalmHave you ever said that? Have you heard anyone say that? Especially in regard to historical tragedies and miseries, that is something said in tones ranging from anger to deep sorrow. It brings up all sorts of comments, like people swearing they would have somehow assassinated Hitler, for instance; in spite of how he did survive numerous attempts. But do people really act to change a little PIECE of history?But yes, my title often is the start of a long version of how “history” would have been changed.

Think back, for instance(in light of Godwin’s Law, lol!), to the late 1930’s when many Jews were attempting to flee Nazi Germany. Ocean liners full of desperate people were turned away at British ports, at American ports. America and Britain didn’t save the fleeing Jews. This is not much taught in school, when they talk about the horrors of the Holocaust. It is a shameful thing, is it not, for a government to intellectualize and bureaucrat-ignore a problem of survival, isn’t it? I find the discussion of turning away the refugees of Germany is one of the key evocatives of “That would never have happened if I had been there!”

History CAN be changed one person at a time BY one person at a time, acting for the good over and over again. This is especially true when the change needed saves lives and stops injustice being created by bureaucracy. So, here is the thing, Americans…and any one else who would like to change a history…or a HERstory right this minute; you DO have the power. America and other countries still has refugees awaiting asylum. WAITING is a big part of it, and sometimes those desperate asylum seekers have to give up and return to a country that is not likely to see them survive long because they simply cannot afford to live here for the wait.

For instance, THIS young Egyptian woman, facing apostate status in Egypt. Now, Americans walk away from religion all the time; I walked away from a couple different ones myself and I live and breath to tell about it. Those who walk away from Islam generally do not, being an apostate is punishable by death.(My favorite part on the somewhat rambling video is the Muslim cleric clearly stating that the death penalty for apostates is necessary “or Islam would have died out with it’s founder.” Wow…there is a hint there, no?) So, she needs to NOT go home. She needs financial help to stay; so hey, let’s change some history right here and right now. Let’s not let “that” happen while WE are here, ok? Please contribute!


2 thoughts on ““If I Had Been There, THAT Would Have Never Happened”

  1. Rowan says:

    FYI – link in first paragraph isn’t there.

    Let’s hope that the next 16 days allow her to reach her goal. Another case of the shut-down hurting another person. I have more words, but…

    • Oh, damn it…sketchy thing, it is the same link AS the second one. Getting this weird thing of rather congratulatory ‘likes’ with no links clicked. So thought maybe they didn’t read to the end.

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