Denial — A Tale of Two Cities


12/16/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1stress is caused by givng a fuckI’ve been called names for not relying on Fox News. Since a news source I often find incisive and clear is the German Der Spiegel, I even get called a “Nazi”; this baffles me a good deal since my detractors apparently don’t know about Godwin’s Law.

My weather outside today is semi-normal for the Pacific Nor’west in December. Except it is not raining as much as it should and the nearby ski slopes are still pretty bare in spite of early snow before Thanksgiving. This doesn’t personally bother me presently as I don’t ski; but it does worry me. Our drinking water is dependent upon glaciers and snow melt, you see. So, while my area is not being ravaged by floods, or savaged by snowstorms; there is cause to consider the cost of global climate change to my highly populous area.

So, reading how other places deal or don’t with the change coming for us all is both enlightening and depressing.
Do tell me, readers, what differences in weather have YOU seen? Not just this year, but over the last ten years?


2 thoughts on “Denial — A Tale of Two Cities

  1. Rowan says:

    Me, too. Although I’m more BBC reading because my German and French have deteriorated over the years. I dread meeting my daughter’s future mother-in-law. All she watches is Fox. And when her son challenges that (constantly) she is always so shocked by it. Interesting that merely getting a lot of different points of view, from somewhere not the US media, gets one so much grief.

    Winter weather? The family and I were just discussing how much snow and bitter cold we have gotten so far this year. The holidays are usually wet, not snowy. Future son-i-l pointed out that it usually rains on christmas eve. There been so much that when it turns to rain, our rivers have been flooding and then freezing. We’ll have lots of flooding come spring. Winter came so early this year that the local news didn’t even get to start its “first snowfall of winter” prediction contest. It started before Samhain and hasn’t really stopped.

    • WE had a very wet Samhain…lucky to get a few dry hours for a fire. So yes, very odd weather. And luckily for my own declined German…I read “The Mirror” in English!

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