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12/15/2013 by syrbal-labrys

tins 1I bake. I used to bake every day from December 1st through the 24th — back when I was trying to be minimally Christian. Once I gave up utterly, I still baked every day through the 20th; but getting older, having no minor children around to scarf up on everything, I’ve slowed down before my own weight equals the rough mass of Pluto! I bake and put things in pretty tins that have been collected years before.

trooperTins are easily affordable at various thrift stores, and can make excellent gifts when filled with goodies. Like this cute toy soldier tin; I promise you that whatever was originally in it is not as good as what I bake! No ego there, just simple facts. Everything I bake tastes wonderful! Like Red Velvet Shortbreads, for instance. That is what I like to fill the toy soldier to the brim with. I make the shortbread dough and roll it into a cylinder an inch smaller than the tin. I chill it, I cut it into slices using dental floss that does not mash the tender dough. red velvet shortbreadsI bake it, coat the edges with melted white chocolate (or white chocolate icing) and roll it in coconut. When all solidified, into the tin they go, tidily stacked! And the fit is just snug enough: packed

Now, that is not to say every cookie batch is perfect, not at all. Sometimes I am tired before the job is well done. For instance, the day I made two batches of sugar cookies and one batch of gingerbread — all roll and cut, bake and frost cookies— about 6 dozen cookies per batch. The sugar cookies looked AOK even though I admit to lazily sprinkling a couple dozen with sugar instead of decorative icing. But the poor gingerbread ‘holly leaves’…oh my, oh my. I was so burnt out, back-ache tired that they are the “ugly sweater” of cookies! But they taste spectacularly good and have the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture! I don’t do super fancy cookies such as I once did — the sort where a single cookie takes 15 minutes to decoratively frost. But those holly leaves? Man, I might have to retire that cookie CUTTER in shame!
Sugarugly sweater cookies


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