Friday Five….or Thereabouts


12/13/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1tgif freaya day Oy, the Minotaur had a snore spectacular night last night; and I couldn’t bring myself to push him onto his side because his back was so wracked that ONLY sleeping on his back didn’t hurt. So, I am too short of shut-eye to be coherent this morning. But several other people ARE hitting the mark:

(1) At last, an answer to the Sunshine Enema crew from Nimue Brown.

(2) And a bouquet of oft-bitter truth and logic, at Dead Wild Roses has somehow fallen off the WordPress Reader for me, trust me, it is worth going and finding it by old-style hyperlink bookmark!

(3) And GOP wailing, “OMG, a Pope acting sort of like that Commie Jesus dude!”

(4) Vital “logicals” edition!

(5) Bears repeating, Little Murderous Lord Fauntleroy is still guilty and responsible.

(BONUS!) Why do we need so many guns with so little threat?

(Make it Lucky 7?!) Why do some have SO much, while others have NOTHING? And what are we doing about it, in this ‘season of lights?’


10 thoughts on “Friday Five….or Thereabouts

  1. @Syrbal

    Dead Wild Roses has somehow fallen off the WordPress Reader for me, trust me, it is worth going and finding it by old-style hyperlink bookmark!

    Crisis averted for now, I think, the sage wizards and wise sorceresses at wordpress have worked their magic.

    • Yes and no. I was reading WordPress reader on my iPhone this morning, and your blog popped up much to my delight. But when I clicked on it to go and read,it briefly opened on my phone, and then disappeared completely and my phone reverted to its home screen. It did not do this on any of the other WordPress blogs that I read thereafter, only on yours.

  2. My partner also has a wonky back – well, neck actually – and needs to sleep on his back. And his snoring could wake the dead! Thank gods I’m not dead.
    Terri in Joburg

  3. Has the Minotaur ever been checked for obstructive apnea?

  4. E.A. Blair says:

    Where can I get a higher-resolution version of the “Freya’s Day” illustration (the same goes for a lot of the other ones you use)?

    • I really don’t know, I grabbed that one from a Yellowdog Grannie post. Aside from various graphics like that and political cartoon/snarky truths; most of what goes up here is photographs we take ourselves. The graphics I grab are as my Luddite self grabs them….

      The photographs belong to us, lol.

  5. Anti Kate says:

    Sunshine Enema is my new phrase for the day/week/month/whatever! Thank you for that one!

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