I’ve Been Given A (Bloody) Gift


12/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

jharrisonart2Since I am a regular ranty-pants this week, given to eye-rolling and “Are you fucking kidding me?” at every bit of media pumped inanity, I was delighted to be sent something very grin-inducing by a dear pal!

It always helps to be able to visualize something in very literal fashion, no? So, the next time someone says something SO burning stupid that you answer with “Excuse me, I have to go cut my own throat now, ok? Thanx, bye!” You can SEE it! (warning, yes, I do have THAT kind of sense of humor)
And the one I snatched to post here? Is that not the perfect mental answer to the office Xmas Party drunk who corners you to ask “Do you give good head, Baby?” Ok…also, a legal, non-jail term answer.

(edit) But then, every now and then some C & W gives a good example of the unrealisitic expectations foisted on us “ladies”, too:

And yes, this is me, mellowed. Now I am satisfied with THINKING about taking off a head or knocking someone on their ass. I’ve not got the energy to get as physical OR as vocal as I once did….now, see, I suddenly get why folks told me I was “scary”.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Given A (Bloody) Gift

  1. karen says:

    I shared this with the kid and several of her friends love it too. Thanks!

  2. culturemonk says:

    Lol….I recently started watching the show Dexter and that doll looks like something he would definitley love lmao

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