Please Send Those Yellow Magnet Ribbons….

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12/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1why is everyone so fucking stupid…to Fairfax (with instructions on where to pack them), Virginia where a school board has continued to not put the federal holiday of Veterans’ Day on the calendar. The reason given? “If students were off they likely wouldn’t even participate in events to honor veterans,”

Oh, right. Does this mean, then, that since “students” by definition are under drinking age they should show up on Jan 1st, having also not participated in drinking ringing in the New Year? Does this mean if they are NOT Christian students, they should appear at class on December 25th; or do they get a pass because they just MIGHT be celebrating the natal day of Mithra?

Since when was supposed “participation” the key for getting a federal holiday off? Just what are postal clerks, bank employees and federal workers assumed to be doing on Veterans’ Day that the students might not do as well? Oh, and never mind that many of their PARENTS might BE veterans, who just might have a family activity planned for the day — but nope, little Johnny/Janey must go to school. Yes, Virginia, there really might be a Santa Claus — but if he is a veteran he can just fuck the fuck OFF.


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