Oh, For Fuck’s Sake – First World Problems


12/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1keep calmLet me just say, sometimes I hate myself, ok? Like having nothing better to do than either rant or point and laugh. I’d really like to be more constructive, but it is hard to build something that doesn’t fall down when you start with stupid.

This is NOT like the Shawshank Redemption, ok? The reporters and presumed editor who ok’d this story should be flogged with sticky teriyaki noodles. A woman getting locked in an office bathroom with water and heat, when her family KNOWS what building she is in if she does not appear home in a reasonable period of time is NOT like being locked in a prison full of criminals and sadistic authorities.

And likewise, being told to register for health care by government mandate is NOT like being literally treated like disposable people for the color of your skin, as Jon Stewart told Santorum: Obamacare is NOT Apartheid!

And yes, I am still a bit “on” about the young woman feeling she has established her feminist creds by keeping a lover who is not rich enough to get her a second home in Tahoe, when a majority of folks in the world are dreaming of merely ONE home, even here in America —so many families struggle to keep roof over head and food on the table, and this little Barbie-wannabe thinks she has Gloria Steinem’d her way home when she is behaving like a little piggie? (Bitchy born-in-the-50’s me almost wonders if her opting for a good fuck over a secure financial footing doesn’t make her merely stupid?)

And Americans of the right wingtard sort are incensed, incensed, I tell you, by the fact that Obama shook hands with a Commie at a funeral. OMGawd, the four horsemen are surely champing at the bit? Here is a fucking clue, you twerps: how about a government that acts like it is run by statesmen and stateswomen instead of a bunch of chinless wonders making fart noises at girls from the deck of a treehouse, eh? Pssst…Communism isn’t really contagious (unlike stupidity?), the “domino theory” was bullshit.

And as a side note? Blackmailing each other to a standstill is NOT the same thing as a “genuinely bipartisan budget. The concessions wrought do nothing good for ANYone in the country; and more or less makes me conclude that the Congressional asshats Critters are just too tired to fight more and afraid of pissing off their gun-toting constituents.

Oh, and a $350 toilet plunger is NOT art, it is STUPID. If shit like that is what you consider ‘bringing work back to America’, take it from me, bend over and kiss your asses goodbye!

And you morons in the media who report this bullshit like it MEANS something — I mean, something aside from the fact that the inmates are taking over the asylum? You all need a swirly in the yet undiscovered Fountain of Smart, too.


9 thoughts on “Oh, For Fuck’s Sake – First World Problems

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for correctly using the phrase “champing at the bit”! (Although, literally speaking, it’s the horses doing the champing, not the horsemen).

  2. Speaking of stupid. In case you wanted lambast an anti-choice fuckwit. 🙂

    • Stupid like that needs something more than lambasting. Something possibly done with a turkey baster. After all, all the forced birth types should find out what they’re talking about, right?

  3. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Ha! If you weren’t such a Liberal Hitler you would realize that everything ObamaStalin does is literally worse than slavery and nazism, but you can’t because you are Liberal Hitler.

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