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12/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1patienct wering thingI’ve already written about how much Alka-Seltzer the annual “war on Christmas” makes me need to combat the urge to vomit on shoelaces. To be honest, I find the seltzer inadequate and have to resort to sugar cookies at some point; and more troubling is the fact that I am not getting that familiar “Oh, eww…yuck, again?” sensation much more frequently. I find myself battling an urge to go rent a matador suit so I can go sacred bullshit hunting; my apologies to Hindu religionists. I’ve been gulping Tums for a week now, trying to decide if I am just burned out and irrelevant or if what I seem to be seeing IS what is there.

America talks about “freedom of the press” a lot. It is becoming annoying to see how that much vaunted freedom is used and without anyone being called on the carpet for it. Most recently, the other night on the national news, there was a story about an alleged “flash mob” in national museum. A lone airman, in uniform, began playing an instrument…and of course, he was joined by an entire Air Force orchestra playing Christmas carols with a full choir backing them. Very Christian-only carols at that, from what I heard. And “OMG, it was the sweetest thing, the museum goers were all sooo charmed.” Hmmm. Right. You know, the AIR FORCE, those folks whose officer academy is almost always up some shit creek for acting like Ignatius Loyola is in charge of some military “Take back the faith” outreach? So, hey, let me officially be uncharmed with the fake flashmob in perfectly straight chair lines across the museum floor.

And I don’t want to hear one damned word about the war on Christmas— because let me tell you, had someone cobbled together a pagan flashmob “orchestra” that spontaneously did a Reclaiming-esque spiral dance, singing to the Goddess or the like, they might have made the national news too. Being hustled the fuck out by security on the national news. I get a real case of the ass when a particularly bad case of political correctness pops up in the media to support the dominant paradigm religious ideas even though that very paradigm is full of dangerous CRAP.

Everyone is only too willing to discuss how horrid a religion Islam is, full of fanatics and the like. I mean, for pity’s sake, Yusaf Islam/Cat Stevens was on the terrorist watch list because he converted to Islam. Mind you, American Christians don’t really want to talk about how many similarities Christianity and Islam share —the similar institutionalized misogyny, for instance; the same God actually and even a reverence for Jesus and Mary! Because damn, Sam, if you uncap THAT can of worms you might have to look at the horrors created by the oh-so-sweetly-singing choirs of Christians.

It is a particular blindness that allows a majority of Americans to look at the acts of Islamic extremists and brand the entire religion as bad, and yet not do the same for their own faith. The clinic bombers, the child-beaters, the child-fuckers, the wife killers —those are just bad people, not bad Christians. Even the cultish horror, the Westboro Baptist Church is not really brought to the media frenzy or legal notice it deserves, because it does call itself “Baptist”…talk about a title being treated like it is cast in gold. 1gun controlIt frankly reminds me of the oh-so-holy 2nd Amendment flagellators of the NRA, going on and on about guns not killing people — but people killing people. There are more than a few motes in their eyes, if you ask me! Some of those people would sure have to work a lot harder to amass the dead if they had to do it without guns and bullets.

Labels are being pretty preferentially applied. If a pagan, an atheist, a Satanist, or heavens forfend, a Moslem, commits a murder, it is so luridly discussed in major news outlets as to rival the “slime from the check-out line” papers. But if you want to see the media toe dance like defecting Russian ballerinas, just let them discuss a prominent Christian doing something wrong. The entire use of language is bent to be “fair” when it is no such thing. So, I’d just love to see an utter LACK of religious labels when discussing CRIMINAL activities. If, for instance, the WBC loons were not given religious cover, they would be brought up on hate crimes. If there wasn’t a religious gloss for the forced birth sorts, they would (1) not only not get re-elected, but (2) they’d never get laid again, short of rape. (Oh, well, this is long enough, lets not open THAT can!)

I’d like to see a lot of words lose their ability to render tongues tied: Christian, Jesus, God, patriot, terrorist, job-creator….I could put about 1/4 of the dictionary there. For a religion that claims to hate “idols” I must say, they are setting up more of them than the stone heads of Easter Island! And screaming like stuck pigs when someone pushes one over.


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