Someone Said I’d Find Enough Rantage


12/10/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1sorry rincess…and that someone was right. This article, oh my…oh my! Part of me wants to scream “First world problems!” And then my inner axe murderer wants to scream “Hypocritical, much?” right before taking a nice Celtic trophy to hang from my saddle horn. Because of this quote:

“Sometimes I feel a twinge of jealousy when my friends who married rich talk about second homes in Tahoe. That’s the life my ex-fiancé offered me. But I also know the price many pay: Their husbands work late, so the bulk of the child care and housework falls on them.”

Oh my fucking gods and goblins, you poor, poor little dear. Yeah, the “ex” that was too tired to initiate sex ’cause he was making all the money? And generations of women expected men to make the money so they could take care of all else (including homework)…and yet you are worried because now YOU have to commit to earning the big income so your spouse can follow his educational dreams?

I don’t call that ‘situational feminism’ “Doll”….I call that BULLSHIT. If a woman expects the man to make the money for her second home FOR her, she isn’t a feminist at all. Your current sexy guy is cutting you more slack that this mean old school sort of feminist who came from the generation of women who thought themselves LUCKY if a guy made enough money that the woman didn’t have to take in ironing or kids to make ends meet. And mind you, I say that AS a wife to a guy making all the money right now. But I was self-supporting military woman when we met, and when he balled up his finances? I paid HIS bills for him. I worked, giving up my educational goals, to better the odds of my family making ends meet once we had children. I did that until spinal injuries made the physically demanding jobs I liked impossible for me. I certainly never whined about how tough it was to be a feminist who couldn’t have it all —meaning a chance to work as a hobby AND perfect sex partner with a high income. And oh, MY sexy guy called me “Doll”, too. And it was the first thing I taught him NOT to do.

Say “Goodnight”, Barbie.

(And I will resist a Foxworthy variant on “You might be a Barbie doll instead of a feminist if…”, but only just. )


2 thoughts on “Someone Said I’d Find Enough Rantage

  1. Sixbears says:

    That didn’t take long, now did it?

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