Idiot Capitalists Abroad – And At Home


12/10/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1min wageI must say, as a fan of Terry Pratchett’s “Diskworld” novels, I prefer “Witches Abroad”. To hear that a head of Domino’s Pizza in Britain is pissing at the British government for tightening immigration laws because he can’t hire as much cheap help now really gives the concept of “Ugly American Capitalist” new meaning.

It also boggles the mind that here in America, where Domino relentlessly advertises their wares, the scream is on to tighten borders and keep OUT more immigrants. One assumes that here in the land of wage-slaves capitalism-is-god, there is plenty of sufficiently cheap labor to be had.

I stopped buying Domino’s crummy pizza way back when, over 25 years ago —the founder of Domino’s put out an interview about how sick he was of poor people bitching they couldn’t eat well enough. His advice? Go to a feed store for animal feed and buy a 50 pound bag of milk powder for much less than human grocery stores! Right! Just use animal feed to feed your kids, you serfs, and quit bitching about hunger. Oh, those compassionate capitalist conservatives, eh?

Besides, we have plenty of rich asshats here at home, right? Like the oh-so-splendidly generous Bill Gates, whose “charitable” foundation helps poor, poor, benighted folks like Walmart and MacDonalds. And Exxon. Just another case of rich asshats looking after their own.


2 thoughts on “Idiot Capitalists Abroad – And At Home

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Whenever I order pizza, I stay away from the franchises and go with a local, preferably family-owned place. Pizza Hut hasn’t seen a penny of my money since my college days and the last time I called a Domino’s was in 1986. I had just moved in to a new place and didn’t know any of the local joints I prefer, so I called a Domino’s to place an order. They told me I was outside their delivery area but said that I was welcome to pick up an order. My response was that if they wouldn’t come to me, I had no reason to go to them. I won’t even consider Papa John’s because the CEO is such an asshole.

    Pizza Man, the best homegrown place, finally reopened three years after a fire wiped the place out, but they haven’t re-established their delivery service, so I go with a place called Lisa’s, a family-owned place which has been in business for at least forty years. I have no idea what the pay scale is at Lisa’s, but I always try to give the delivery guys decent tips.

    • We have no local small pizza joints anywhere in the county within easy driving range. When we go up to Ballard(2 hours away), we find many and the pizza is so good I court disaster with my nightshade allergy.

      Trouble is? I’m running out of places to shop where the CEO is NOT an asshole…and I am not just talking pizza.

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