Sunday Surreal – Stingray


12/08/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1we the peopel are [isedI live on a hill. Not a huge hill, just a bit over 500 feet above sea level; and we are always glad when we have really heavy rains and see water running off the road and into yards of unfortunate neighborhoods down off the hill. Of course, there are occasional down sides to the hill-top life.
When big windstorms rip through here, we feel a bit naked and exposed; but thus far we have been fortunate and all our big fir trees have stayed in their “locked and upright” positions. This may be because we have left our trees standing in “grove” configuration so that the interlocked, if shallow, roots help hold each other up.

But those are natural benefits and consequences of living on a hill. Some years ago, after being burglarized, we suffered a great deal of paranoia when we saw vehicles parked road-side by the house. The burglars had done this, you see, to map out our comings and goings to know when the house was empty. So we took down license plates and somewhat aggressively asked people wtf they were doing there.

To our surprise, most told us it was the only place where their cellphones worked well. This surprised us because we didn’t use cellphones much yet…back in the late 90’s; and when we did get cellphones we found that our house had strange blind spots where the phones just die. But we didn’t give it much thought and kept up the habit of discouraging cell phone users just because we don’t want cars in front of our house all the time.

So imagine our shock, a couple months ago, when the driver of the car that had been in front of our house for several DAYS identified herself as a law enforcement officer on official business that we had NO right to know about. She told us she was not moving and that we should not further interrupt her activities at all. What on earth could the police need to be doing in this scattered suburban-almost neighborhood.

Well, now I wonder if we know. Have our local law enforcement been “studying war” on privacy at the knees of the FBI and NSA?

And me? I’m just happy I’m such a Luddite I have no camera on my computer; if I did, it would have it’s own little duct tape shutter!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Surreal – Stingray

  1. eldri says:

    eh, the First thing i did when I brought my lap-top home a couple of years ago was put tape over the camera. I am thinking about pulling the cell-phone battery out at random times, just for the fun of it

  2. Sixbears says:

    20 years ago I caught a guy in plain clothes, nondescript government car watching me with binoculars. I went right to him and said something like: If you going to sit out here watching me all day, do you want me to bring you a cup of coffee to help pass the time?

    He didn’t say a word, just put down his binoculars and drove away. I live pretty far out in the sticks so a car sitting on my road all day is unusual. Has happened a few times.

    Since the Patriot Act, they’ve switched to black SUVs with darkly tinted windows. The windows really give them away as they are so dark they wouldn’t pass state safety inspection.

    Next time take his photo. I’m sick and tired of these “above the law” cops.

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