Dystopian Nightmares In My Long Winter’s Nap


12/06/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1put down tea bag pick up bookNelson Mandela is gone.

And the hubbub of “Good riddance” from the right begins. A terrorist, a Communist, a murderer…oh, and let’s not forget, a promoter of abortion.

Hmmm. The people commenting on the passing of a leader never think beyond what their deathless masterDick Cheney tells them, do they? He said Mandela was a terrorist and he wouldn’t lie.

Well, gee. Who else would be labeled terrorist, had that been a word of their day? Oh, yes, I recall…our Founding Fathers who rebelled against their God-given sovereign, George III. But even though it is the morons of the rightwingnut sort who keep shrilling about secession and revolution, does it never dawn on them that sometimes “terrorist” IS the word America’s government calls revolutionaries in countries where we are propping up or otherwise supporting governments?

I’m pretty sure most Americans of any color would rebel if they were locked up in ghettos at night, worked like dogs by day under guns, and denied any pretense of normal family life or prosperity in their own county. Have Americans been so brainwashed and sound-bited into brainless zombie existence that they can’t tell when a revolution is simply the only option to a completely dehumanized existence based on race? Or, since it is the “new Confederate Party” spouting off thus, IS that the precise point — not only no uppity women, but no uppity “coloreds” either?

I really should consider just not reading the news OR blogging here until after January 1st.


2 thoughts on “Dystopian Nightmares In My Long Winter’s Nap

  1. I’m a bit shocked at some of the people of *my* country who think similarly. It sort of floors me. On the one hand, they’re all for freedom of the individual, personal rights, etc., and on the other they’re upset that Mandela actually used violence in pursuit of the same. They want it both ways> Oh hang on, I forgot – there’s us and then there’s them.
    Terri in Joburg

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