Dear Boeing Health Care Assessment People: Fuck Off And Die!


12/03/2013 by syrbal-labrys

KissItYes, Boeing; kiss my ass!

I am the spouse of a Boeing employee who gets a rather high priced medical plan through Boeing. Last year, a spectacular new piece of bullshit began: a “health assessment survey” had to be filled out before you put in paperwork for the plan selected for the new year. It is done online thru “WebMD.”

And their website sucks as badly as the Affordable Care Act national site. It locked up repeatedly.

This year, I got ready to do it again though I hated it because Boeing put out word that if anyone didn’t do it $20 per month would be deducted from pay the rest of the year. So, if I refuse to waste several hours battling their useless website and giving them personal information that they CANNOT safeguard*, they will take $240 away from us. I don’t even see how that is legal; after all I am NOT getting any sort of service that I have requested from these assholes. They basically decided they can make my husband pay a penalty if I do not comply. The website locked up. Then it so locked up my computer I had to re-boot. So, I quit and decided, yeah, it might be worth it to blow $240 on telling them to go fuck themselves rather than spend the hours I spent last year trying to be compliant. My husband is upset with me. I’m upset with his compliance. Cause if every Boeing employee said, “This is a violation of privacy and my family members are NOT your employees,” they couldn’t get away with this crap. But Boeing isn’t alone in doing this.

I rarely use my medical benefits paid for by my husband. I see a chiropractor/physical therapist who wrangles my semi-mangled spine back into functional shape. I see an allergist for prescriptions for my asthma…maybe every other year. I rarely go to a GP because all the ones on our plan seem to be morons and/or assholes. They don’t answer my questions, if I complain of something worrying, they “comfort” me by saying some shit like “Oh, that isn’t swelling…that’s NOTHING, I’ve SEEN swelling.” Right, thanks Doc, for fuck-nothing. So no, Boeing, I do not feel inclined to answer your fucking survey about my chloresterol (201 — with about 67 of that the good HDL), my BP (120/72), my weight/height(145 at 5’2″), and a plethora of other things I consider none of their business.

Basically, their take is that they will be providing me a “service” of some sort; I can sign up for ‘health coaching’….which I would sooner shoot myself than accept, thank you very much. IF I WANT A SERVICE I WILL ASK FOR IT! If I decline to take their survey and oh yes, submit both my personal phone number and email so they can harass me at will; then I am forced to PAY for my privacy. They are saying that this survey and the likely resultant unrequested advice is a cost saving device for my medical plan; in effect it is a sort of medical service/treatment. Now, here is the thing, EVERY patient has a right to REFUSE treatment; so why do I not have the right to refuse THIS unless I pay for the privilege?

So NO, Boeing, I’m not playing. I will be spending the morning on the phone to the State Insurance Commissioner’s office trying to find out if this bullshit is even legal. And if you take money away from too many people with too little to spare; don’t be shocked if, sooner or later…some less civil sort than me, decides to get their money’s worth in Boeing windows when they can’t buy something for their kids because the company TOOK money away for a service that does NOTHING.

A few years ago, the last great idea was a consulting nurse phone line. You were to check with them before making a doctor appointment. I tried it. The nurse never knew the answer to any question I asked unless I said “Is it raining up there, too?” All these paper pretty projects are total wastes of money and time. I just want to know where our $240 goes; it would be $480 if my husband was likewise huffy about privacy. Who gets all that money? The asshole who designed this shit? Any bets on it being a master of business degree sort?

*I know this is the case, because when I clicked that I’d forgotten my password and user name, they requested my name and birthdate….and then told me they were mailing my new password, etc to “” — a person who is most definitely NOT me. So great, they want all this data and yet they cannot even keep people straight as to actual identity?


4 thoughts on “Dear Boeing Health Care Assessment People: Fuck Off And Die!

  1. dm says:

    Yea, this is all bullshit. Insurance was never designed for “wellness programs.” It was to cover you when you actually had a medical need/crisis. I remember back in the 80s when the HMOs were being introduced. It focused on wellness instead of medical need/crisis. I had a few arguments with the reps because they could not tell me exactly what the insurance paid for if I needed it.

    You know, any data that is collected about you will be used against you or yours in some way. Hire, fire, intimidate, threaten, lay off and or spouses and children no longer able to be insured. It’s Pandora’s box. Always follow the money trail.

    I’m in PA. Gov. Corbett has yet to expand Medicaid. If he gets his way, anyone signing up for Medicaid will now have to partake in a wellness program. If not, you will be penalized. He’s also got a few other strings attached to this program. Follow the money trail.

    The medical powers that be have tightened their limits on almost all of the routine stuff. My BP is 120/80. The new limits are 110/70. Same with cholesterol. They will keep lowering that damn number until it’s down to 100. Just keep taking those drugs! Follow the money trail.

    I guess you heard, Big Pharma is now saying even if you have a family history of heart disease, you need to be on Lipitor. Doesn’t matter what the tests say or how old you are. WTF?
    Follow the money trail.

    Sorry about the rant, but after this Obamacare mess (and it’s a mess for me) I really learned a lot. Follow the money trail.

    • Yeah, there does seem to be a push to put everybody on Statin drugs. I’ve noticed that a lot of people put on statins develop diabetes because it raises their blood sugar.

      • dm says:

        I found out my dad was put on Baycol for a non existent cholesterol problem around the time it was starting to be recalled. He told me he was having problems lifting his arms.The doctor took him off of it. Around the same time, he was also told he was borderline diabetic. So now, he can barely lift either of his arms without using help from his other arm and the support of the kitchen table and he’s on diabetes meds.

      • That is exactly the sort of story I hear over and over, I’m so sorry about your father.

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