Wherein She is Bitter, Brutal, and Pissed Off


12/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

IMG_0361It seems the world is in love with Pope Francis. Well, not me—but I’ve been told I don’t count cause I am a mean old woman who “abandoned” the Catholic Church. And you know, looking at the love for Francis, who has been scolding the rich fuckers for screwing the poor, I agree. I AM a mean old woman who did abandon the Catholic Church after about a 17 year experiment at attempted Christianity.
(And any of you Protestant “heretics” who want to tell me I tried the wrong church? Don’t even bother…you are all just poor copies who stopped nailing 99 bitch-notes to doors and went back to an old Catholic habit of metaphorically nailing WOMEN to church doors.)

But then, that “nailing women” is the majority of what made me turn my back on my attempt at Christianity. I had intentionally selected Catholicism because with Mary as the only female image of at-least-near divinity, I had hoped to see the inherent misogyny of patriarchal monotheism at least softened. But no. Not so very much. Francis is still sure he can’t see his way to the possibility of female priests. He might prefer married priests. And he still can’t see any legitimacy for birth control, tossing it in the same basket as abortion, in a world with more than 7 billion people. A lot of those people starving, including the babies the Church insists on seeing birthed. Yes, the Church thinks not having sex is how you avoid having babies you cannot feed. To me this sounds a lot like “Well, WE male priests can’t have sex, so why the fuck should YOU?” (Paul, you bastard — you seriously killed whatever value poor crucified Christ brought into this world with your hatred of women and dislike of marriage.)

But enough rantage of the nigh theoretical sort. The actual EFFECT on female lives is growing more desperately apparent. In the USA, where women like to think they are free of the tentacles of medicine by religious precepts, Catholic run hospitals are on the increase. This means American girls and women ARE not safe from the fate of a woman in Ireland, dying for lack of an abortion of a NON-VIABLE FETUS.

And don’t say to me, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’m not Catholic.” Well, dear deluded women who say that? Neither was the Hindu woman in Ireland, and she surely didn’t convert while dying in agony of septicaemia. And if YOU are in a Catholic-run hospital, it won’t matter what your religion is; you will only be provided with treatment the Pope and his male pals approve of you getting. They get to practice THEIR freedom OF religion on YOUR body. And you don’t get to be free OF their religion. So yes, with a case before the Supreme Court about whether your EMPLOYER can deny you insured medical treatment that “offends” his/her religious ideals, perhaps every women reading this should be considering that silver cross up there; that isn’t Jesus on the bars, Babe! (Do be noting the tits!) That’s every woman being subjected to medicine by Bible!

I am one of those old and old-school feminists with a focus on crap that really matters. And I am about sick of young women not wanting to be labeled “feminist” because the patriarchy keeps saying “feminists are the problem”. Right, because those guys see any woman who is not just seen (preferably in short skirts and heels) and not heard (unless screaming in fake orgasm for their needle dicks) as a problem. Well, all you younger doll-faces, here’s the choice, you can be a feminist or you can be a second class pregnant citizen, until you died of being a second class and too-often-pregnant citizen. Your choice, absolutely your choice. Cause those guys, including the giddiness-inducing Francis? They are NOT going to take care of you, even if you are a good girl, a pretty girl, a quiet girl.


4 thoughts on “Wherein She is Bitter, Brutal, and Pissed Off

  1. camparigirl says:

    Took my last communion at age 13, walked away and never looked back. What can I say? Just can’t buy the virgin birth and a benign being who will welcome me once I die. That said, sometimes I am a bit envious of people with sturdy faith because it does help when answers are not forthcoming. My biggest beef with Catholicism (and most organized religions for that matter) also had to do with the second class citizen treatment they afford to women. Abortion and birth control a case in point. And I am mystified by the lack of concern of young American women when it comes to reproductive rights. It pains me every time I see what you and I have been taking for granted slowly being eroded.

  2. Sixbears says:

    Church? Gave it up for Lent one year -and stuck with it.

    The current pope only looks good because the old pope was so terrible.

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