Ok, When I Am Empress of the World…


11/27/2013 by syrbal-labrys

photo Yes, when I am Empress of the world, many of my soldiers will look like that muscle bound profile because I want at least as much entertainment value in reviewing my “troops” as Elizabeth II possibly gets when a kilt blows up, ok?

Yes, dash to call me sexist, please do. Because merely liking to LOOK at beauty of either male or female kind will not indict me or make me feel bad; I TREAT people like people without regard to what is or is not between their legs. And that is more than I can say about religious asshats OR corporate thugs….or the special hell that hybridizes both of those categories.

1no viagraYes, the day before Thanksgiving and I am raving again about the push to enable employers to refuse to pay for medical services that wound their tender religious consciences. How odd that most of these dire morality plays revolve around things women need: contraceptives, abortions and the like, eh? Peculiar, huh? I’m not seeing any moral qualms about men getting Viagra even if they might use it to rape, for instance.

So yes, there is a petition urging the Supreme Court to not be religiously motivated asshats who will screw women over nationwide. But you know what? If they go right on and rule that employers can deny insurance paid contraceptives, I will be sitting here on my now (gratefully) infertile old can waiting for popcorn moments.

Because IF that ruling comes down, ladies and gents? It might not stop at birth control. What if your boss is a Mormon who thinks you shouldn’t get lung cancer treated because it is your own sinful damned fault for smoking? Or if you are injured while drunk, or your high blood pressure could plausibly be laid at the feet of your coffee habit? But what if your Jewish or Moslem boss thought your ill health was from eating pork? Or if your boss is Hindu and your addiction to sacred cow-burgers is to blame, so bite me, Uncle Sam!? Or if you need rehab for drinking or smoking….will some bright corporate thug eventually label that a religious exception, because all you need is “Jesus”? And besides, like the Catholics say, your suffering and pain is “redemptive” to save you from hell?! Or if your boss is a Christian Scientist who thinks prayer alone brings all the healing you deserve and so you don’t get ANY medicine? What about the religions that outlaw blood transfusions?

Yes, call all the above hyperbole and ridiculous. Go ahead. Thirty years ago, if you had told me pharmacists could refuse to fill prescriptions and that bosses could say “But I don’t believe in birth control, so you can’t get it (or several other things) on your insurance plan,” I would have said the SAME thing. Look how that turned out.

So, yeah, when I am Empress of the World, my Praetorian Guard will look like a collection of studs and Amazons. But they will all have insurance that covers pretty much ANY medical need. And free gym memberships.


4 thoughts on “Ok, When I Am Empress of the World…

  1. First, you need this.

    I’ll lend you the bat.

  2. camparigirl says:

    I just happened to read a long article on the NY Times today about all women of Ashkenazi descent possibly being tested for breast and ovarian cancer genetic mutations in Israel. For free. Illuminated Orthodox women are getting other women in their sheltered communities to talk about it and encourage them to get the test. And we can’t even provide a bloody pill to someone who goes to a Catholic University or works for a religious affiliated company. Shameful. I will be waiting on that ruling too. What is it going to take us American women to finally rise up en masse? Maybe we need a general. Maybe this is your chance.

    • I don’t know why more women haven’t put a ball bat through pharmacy windows, or punched out their doctors, or put a little three wheeled stool up some doctors rear. I don’t know what it will take for American women to wake up to how their lives are being controlled by the religious ideals of men who take none of the risks of pregnancy.

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