“K” in K-Mart for Knuckleheads


11/27/2013 by syrbal-labrys

turkeys I don’t shop on “Black Friday” — and the discounts do not entice me. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But I do appreciate that this holiday is a sort of “last line” for a lot of American families. It is the holiday not so commercialized: just get together, cook, eat, watch parades and football and pumpkin pie yourselves into a long winter’s nap! Seriously, there is much to love about that — thus here, we do it in October because we can’t wait till November’s end!

But as some stores have decided to jump the gun for the Christmas shopping season and be open ON Thanksgiving, even the shopaholics in tents seem to think being open at o’dark thirty on Thursday is a sucky idea. But onward K-Mart goes, now trying to sooth outraged shoppers by saying only “seasonal” workers will be used to open the store that day. Oh, yeah, that is SO much fucking better, you corporate asshats.

Hire folks SO downed in the miserable economy that seasonal part time work is the best they can get and then tell them to work on the only day they might have to enjoy a bit of time with THEIR families. Yeah, much better. Not. I have an idea for you Knuckleheads in the home office; if you want to be open on Thanksgiving Day, get off your own overpaid asses and staff your miserable, drafty, look-like-tax-write-offs-for-Sears stores your own damned selves. The only work I approve on on Thanksgiving? Staffing soup kitchens feeding turkey, potatoes and gravy to the people you 1% assholes have already screwed over to the max!


10 thoughts on ““K” in K-Mart for Knuckleheads

  1. Knightwork says:

    I think it was Ray Bradbury said that he wrote sci-fi to help prevent what he was depicting. I feel I missed out with Shadowrun, since we have the corporate/government complex without the magic or cyber technology (not to mention Dragons).

    As someone who took economics and a few other classes (including Real World 101), I realize stores will not sell anything at a loss, unless they can make it up in prices elsewhere – all those ‘sales’ are just lower profit margins on some stuff to get the bodies into the stores to buy stuff with higher margins. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but more folks need to realize there is always a hook in the bait. But I guess if they are hungry or desperate enough, they’ll bite anyway…

    • I find it hard to understand how so many folks go for the “sales” — I know working retail taught ME better.

      And if anyone with more than 2 brain cells is reading sci-fi now? They are taking as as PREscriptions rather than as PROscriptions!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I whole heartedly agree! I simply refuse to shop on Black Friday and I’m damn sure not going out shopping after turkey dinner! The constant barrage of commercials declaring “NOW OPEN AT 8PM THURSDAY!!!” drive me bonkers (and its a short drive to start with)

    I love that pic!

    • Yes, the ads are crazy-making in and of themselves. My weekend will revolved around decorating before single digit temps get here, and keeping the place peaceful for a recuperating surgery patient.

  3. pjvj says:

    Though I, too, find no need to shop on Thanksgiving I think it is interesting that this year people are angrier than in the years past. K-Mart among others has been open on Thanksgiving since at least 2008. I think all the federal holidays should be a day off for all workers, but then I’ve worked retail for decades.

    As a side note, K-Mart bought Sears, not the other way around. Another perk of corporations – K-Mart filed for bankruptcy, screwed it creditors, then bought Sears. Nice.

    • pjvj says:

      Oh, and I meant to add that maybe we are seeing a change in people and their attitudes towards consumerism just for the sake of buying stuff when they hear the word “sale”. Especially since often the prices are no different.

      • I hope there is a change, but I’m still seeing crowds at Walmart and lines outside Best Buy. And it is crap, the products are specially made cheap crap for the most part, and the prices are all fixed. I wish America could get the idea that “sales” of merchandise usually mean the same debased crap you get in anything called “fast food”.

    • Excuse my confusion as to who bought whom! Also, it is odd, because the Sears stores all look healthier, and every K-mart still open around here looks like it is needing CPR to keep alive.

      But yes, a pox on both their houses…once upon a time there WERE four untouchable holidays where you were paid to NOT work: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s,and the 4th of July. No more.

      • pjvj says:

        My wish for it being a change in mindset is probably my penchant for childish optimism. Sears looks healthier in some places and K-mart has looked old and dirty long before they branched out around here. Aside from my working for Sears Optical so I heard this while it happened it stuck with me because at first I thought it to be a false rumour seeing as how K-mart had been in the news for the bankruptcy. I am still shocked at what businesses get away with compared to an individual who files for bankruptcy. I mean – shit, really??

      • I hear you…with despair. Being a sci-fi buff, all the nonsense allowing businesses to legally pull such sharp deals, it always calls back Star Trek “Q” episodes where he discussed human history of corporate-ruled earth and drugged soldiers defending corporate lordlings. Yeah, shit, really? 😦

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