Sunday “Support the Troops” Post

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11/24/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1stress is caused by givng a fuckOops. My bad. That should read Sunday “SCREW the Troops” Post. My mental visual is burying military members and their families under piles of those fucking magnetic yellow ribbons, but I admit, that could be hyperbole on my part.

Just let me say, I’ve been a soldier and I’ve been a soldier’s wife. We only had one vehicle until our arrival here in Washington state in 1987. So, most of the time I had no vehicle to drive. What has this to do with screwing the troops, you ask? Well, as a military ‘dependent’ I had children to care for and feed. It is the FEEDING part that is important here. I did it by putting my two babes in a big German pram and WALKING regularly to the Commissary. That is the military post/base GROCERY store, for all you civilian types.

That is going to be a lot harder for other military spouses and parents to do if some asshattery goes as it likely will go. You see, to save money for big weapons systems and make sure contractors and other sorts get THEIR money, the Pentagon would like to CLOSE all state-side Commissaries. They need to save money, you see. So, sure, fuck over the most vulnerable members of the military community: people struggling to feed families and shopping on post for cheaper prices and it being close at hand on base.

Let me be clear, they wont’ gut the Post/Base Exchanges (PX/BX) that run for PROFIT to save money, no, take out the freaking Commissary. I’ve never thought the PX/BX was a necessary thing stateside and usually don’t find the prices competitive. Sometimes the Commissaries can’t keep up with prices at places like Winco, either —but they ARE close at hand and reachable by a base shuttle bus. This is of inestimable value to military families. And it is very needed by many retiree families living on limited incomes as well. Every payday, you see lines of young couples and very old couples — some of the retirees drive a considerable distance once per month to stretch their grocery dollars.

I’m angered and sickened enough to see young couples carefully searching for change and ducking their heads as they pay with food stamps (cut recently by our delightful asshats in Congress, btw), but if THIS shit goes through? I don’t know how they will do it at all. I’ve lived places where there was NO grocery store off post within walking distance. And I’ve lived places where all off post places were incredibly expensive.

So, hey, wtf, right? It’s a volunteer military and they can get out if they don’t like it, right? Because hey, good jobs are just OUT there, right? The stock market is BOOMING so we must all be thriving, right? And now, having made myself nauseated with sarcasm and rage — picture me in my gray monk’s robe (yes, I wear a costume-party created item as my morning dressing robe) on my knees before you. Please call your Congress Critters and Senators, tell them not to further fuck over military FAMILIES. Tell them to stop paying civilian contractors to mow grass and “beautify” military bases, to bulldoze stateside PX/BXs, but SAVE the Commissaries that so many young troops depend upon. Please. Please?


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