“The Community Is Safe”


11/23/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1gun lawasI think my word of the week is “surreal”. Sometimes reading news (and comments — oh, hell NO!) makes me wish I had stayed in bed. But more and more I notice that as horrors are investigated by the police, there is this phrase: “The community is safe.” Oh, let’s see now, you are hauling out bodies and with any luck at all calling for an ambulance, but the community is safe?

The heart-breaking tale that broke through any pretense in believing that expression of constabulary comfort was of a family, including two infants, found dead in their home. Now, the news story treads gently round the edges of the police not looking for ‘anyone’ outside the home as perpetrator. Well, reading between those carefully crafted lines? With a woman divorcing the husband, who had moved out of the house? The bastard came back and killed his almost one-year-old twins and his wife, and himself, didn’t he? Or maybe a piano fell out of the sky and hit them all? But the community should feel safe.

Unless, of course, you are a woman who wants out of a bad marriage. Then you maybe ought to be fucking terrified. Because the police will just sign the case “closed” and send your body out for burial, and the community will be “safe.” Just maybe not the female members of the community, right? Or babies.

Likewise, when Virginia State Senator Deeds was first found stabbed, the original news story told the community it was “safe”. The poor senator’s mentally troubled son had stabbed his father and shot himself. But yes, we should all feel safe. Unless you have a family member who has an inadequately treated mental illness. Then, again, perhaps you should be terrified. Because the stigma of mental illness and the lack of good treatment couldn’t possibly affect the community, right?

I mean, it isn’t like seriously disturbed people ever get their hands on guns and shoot up theaters, fast food joints, military complexes, schools, or shopping malls, right? (Note, I could have had multiple examples of each of those — but chose one randomly for each category.)

But hey, good to know the community is safe, eh? Just tell me, please, WHERE is this safe community; cause I’d like to GO there.


4 thoughts on ““The Community Is Safe”

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    “The community is safe” is exactly the sort of meaningless euphemism that would come out of a public relations machine that would coin the phrase “collateral damage” to describe dead civilians.

    “No need to dwell on unpleasantness, why don’t you open another bag of Cheetos? Now, there’s a good consumer.”

  2. Grung_e_Gene says:


    You’ll never understand because you have failed to be assimilated into the Ultra-Reactionary conservative mind.

    Inside the Right-Wing Fart Bubble; The only gun crime exists in Chicago, because of the gun laws of Illinois and Cook County, not because 3/5ths of the guns used in commission come from outside Chicago.

    Inside the bubble, women, movie patrons, children at school are to blame for being gunned down because they were insufficiently armed.

    Inside the bubble, shall not be infringed are the most important words ever written, “well-regulated” does not exist.

    The Gun Nuts and Firearm Manufacturers have won. It will take a new generation to overcome the evil they have wrought. It’s a challenge the Millennials and next generation will have to deal with on top of fighting back against Rapacious Capitalism.

    • Well, I do understand what would happen to any of those assholes if they ever confronted me without a gun in my own kitchen where I have lots of sharp knives. 😉

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