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11/22/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Unknown. . . my memories of Kennedy’s dying in Dallas when I was living in Texas at age ten. The day is still vivid in my mind, of course, as is the sense of shock and disbelief.

That sense of shock and disbelief which I believe is mirrored in the eyes of every woman, every man who answers the door to see uniformed figures standing on the step with bad news in their eyes. Every little child who has lost a father or mother is John-John or Caroline. And every new widow wants to say, as Jackie Kennedy said when asked if she wanted to change her dress, “No, let them see what they did.” All week, the nation has been invited to recall the bloodstained suit, the shattered man…fifty years and it is like yesterday. But anniversaries of grief and despair happen every day.

But nobody is looking at all those door steps where the widows and widowers aren’t splattered with blood. “History” only “waits” for Presidents — not for dead soldiers and Marines, nor for the Navy Corpsman or the Airman, nor the Coasties. Those men and women are just a figure added to a total. Mind you, I know about perspective; but believe me when I say every new widow, every mother weeping over a child’s casket, every child of a now-single-parent does not know.

When does it ever end? That answer is still blowing in the bitter November wind.

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