The Saddest Beauty


11/21/2013 by syrbal-labrys

bee glassEvery so often in summer, and more often as fall comes upon us, I find a dead or dying honeybee or bumblebee. If it still lives at all, I offer a drop of restorative honey on my fingertip, hoping it will revive and find shelter to survive. But of course, that doesn’t always work. Honeybees actually have a finite amount of honey they can digest, you see? So if the bee I attempt to feed is “there” the honey can do it no good. But of course, bees face greater threats than their own set date with death via starvation. And now an artist uses those little golden bodies to make heart-breaking art.


2 thoughts on “The Saddest Beauty

  1. camparigirl says:

    Wow! I just checked out your link and it is heartbreakingly beatiful work. Have tons of rosemary and lavender in my yard, to which bees flock like crazy and yes, I have noticed in the last few years, more dead bodies than usual. Sad.

    • Yes, my lavender and rosemary attract the bees, as does the blooming hedge and single blossom old roses.
      I keep fighting for the bees…their beauty alone would inspire me to that, but the necessity of bees is even more demanding of duteous stewardship!

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