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11/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Yellowdog Granny has the best snark. She is one of my blogotopic hero-bloggers!

1bush obama It is still early enough on a Monday that I am only mildly feeling the bitterness inflicted upon me by the Bush cabal of war-mongering idiots. A few more hours I will be sputtering incoherently and kicking rocks again. Because, yes, I am pretty unhappy even with Obama for a number of civil liberty issues; but the war-mongering crap, wow, yeah….that makes me very, very pissed off indeed at Bush and all his pals.

So, this little poster works for me. Also, think if Obama had just gotten Osama by the methods he used instead of Bush wasting our time, money, and blood with HIS methods.


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