Schadenfreud Saturday

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11/16/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1multipolarGee, all that whiteness ruined by a sort of minority report? Yes, I did laugh JUST as hard as the other chair’s occupant. “Statistics noise” my well-blood-blended ass.

And I can find the ‘harm’ bringing a sort of bitter-giggle-joy in the fact that the Chinese, so very “Fuck off, there are MORE of us than you” in attitude about nasty environmental destruction as they ramp up industry of all sorts, are now apparently about to find a peculiar solution to the population issue that made them enact a “one child” law. Shitting in one’s own mess-kit…so NOT the way to go, China. Even worse is when you miss the mess-kit and hit the jock-strap! Enter comments about “just desserts” at will.

Oh, and China? You are less generous than IKEA? I mean, how does that work for international reputation when you are so pissy at Manila that a STORE gives more disaster relief than your entire country? I quote a Chinese blogger: “Why should we donate to the Philippines so that they can arm themselves with warships and aircraft?” Seriously, that is what you think is being done with half the country in ruins and waterborne illnesses beginning to kill? Again, “just desserts” seems the category.

And America? Lest you think I am merely picking on China? Consider a schadenfreudish cautionary tale about letting corporations run your life, ok? China has the world’s youngest lung cancer patient. . . she is EIGHT. China says she “smoked too much.” Even if that were true? What the hell happened to regulation of sales to minors, China? Oh wait, we can’t piss off the tobacco companies, can we?

And seeing how in America, the gay-hate continues with cheap-assed Christians leaving nasty notes instead of tips for waiters perceived as gay? (BTW, did they ALL miss that bit of Bible I recall as saying ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’?) I am LOVING that drag queens are raising money for the Philippines. . . some helping out Habitat for Humanity!

Also, I am overjoyed to see American airline victims passengers beginning to talk back, cause hey, US Airways…stop picking on the blind man and his dog!

In terms of schadenfreud, this one isn’t my cup of tea…but I imagine the government in Syria finds this gruesome story worthy of joy in harm.

And television finally amuses me a bit (tho’ it could use some work), but the idea of an Occupy like group on steroidal crack, that calls itself “General Ludd” (for Luddites) and makes things go BOOM for the 1%, now that is some “Fantasy Island in Manhattan” schadenfreud stuff there!

And I am sure even my kids occasionally wish I would shut up (ok, possibly often); but I betcha Ted Cruz REALLY wishes his dad would shut up. Keep talkin’ Old Man and tell ALL those minorities they are “uninformed”. Cause no, ‘course it ain’t about race in the GOP!

1guns dont klll peop[le]And then, semi-schadenfreudish, this one. The American media morons press apparently operates on the “Don’t worry, be happy if you are still breathing” model when it comes to gun violence. In other words, they don’t bother to tell us about shootings where victims SURVIVE, because those just don’t count. So, I really like the demand to more honest and accurate reporting about gun violence in this country. Stop tweaking the definitions of newsworthy gun violence and just tell us every time some yahoo makes with the bang-bang, ok?

It just MIGHT wake up the folks thinking the right wingnuts are correct in claiming it isn’t that big an issue! Made the media puppets squirm, I say! Because the truth of this year? Almost a shooting per DAY (316 mass shootings out of 317 days**) in America; now if guns don’t kill people and just people kill people? Show me that many of ANY other kind of attempts at murder in ANY other first world nation, ok?

**Canned this news-bite on Wednesday the 13th, we might have surpassed multiple murderous attempts by Saturday. And Pittsburg had three students shot on day 317…


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