Show Me, Please…


11/15/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1stop bitching about my sweartingAnd I say that even though I am not from Missouri (the ‘show me state’). Show me a case where the big public news in a shooting of a male was whether the dead victim was drunk or not? Unless we are talking about a police-involved shooting, that is. I note that when the cops shoot someone unarmed, they like to find some justification like “drunk and disorderly”. But generally, it seems there is not all that much emphasis on whether some poor person shot to death in the middle of the night for knocking on a door while in distress was intoxicated.

So pardon my sense of “Oh, what the unholy FUCK?!” in the case of the Michigan man who shot a 19 year old black girl who knocked at his door for help after a car accident. Finally, he is charged in the case. But in all the side stories, the chat is that the dead girl (and yes, from my old broad perspective, a 19 year old IS a girl) had alcohol and marijuana in her bloodstream.

Considering that she is dead, what do they want – a posthumous DUI? Or is it meant to tell us that the panicky white guy who shot her in the face had a sufficiently good reason? Cause “OMG, a drunk black WOMAN!” I mean, in the popular consensus among old white guys, she had three strikes to be out right there: (1) black, (2) drunk, and (3) female. Absolutely dangerous enough to merit summary execution. At least in the Dick Cheney Continuum.

Possibly the only thing worse than walking while black (Trayvvon Martin) is walking drunk while black AND female. But, perhaps I over-react? Is this really about her being black? Or drunk? Or female? Maybe it is just about Americans being so shit-your-pants SCARED all the time that we react in stupid, thoughtless, gutless fucking murderous fashion to damned near anything these days? So, yeah, shooting a drunk black girl in the face with a shotgun as she is crying for help on your porch should surely make everyone much, much safer.


2 thoughts on “Show Me, Please…

  1. Un-fracking-believable. 😦

    Where is the NRA demanding that we arm all the young black folk for their protection? I’m just hearing crickets for the Shooty Mcshooterson camp.

    • Well, when a young black woman DID have a gun and used it for warning shots to ward off an abusive spouse violating a restraining order, SHE got sent to jail for 20 years. It took forever to get someone to agree to look again at THAT shit.

      So, yeah, we know who is allowed guns and murder and who is not, don’t we? I don’t own a gun, as is proper to a “good woman” (I must suppose). Instead, I own several very, very sharp silent knives.

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