Corporate Ass-Kissing, Pacific Nor’west Style


11/14/2013 by syrbal-labrys

First off – my husband has worked for Boeing (tho’ not the commercial side) for 25 years. He retires next year and I am very glad. The Boeing he works for now is not the Boeing he joined after his first career in the military.1conplained about my swearing

I began telling him about 15 years ago that Boeing was going to eventually abandon the Pacific Nor’west, especially after the merger with McDonnell-Douglas. After the merger, labor relations were more strained and soon the company began outsourcing more work. Previously, Boeing called itself a “family” and believed in doing things “in house.” My husband was part of the original Boeing family and thus slightly insulated from things that went downhill after the merger.

But now? With the “Dreamliner” being infamously behind schedule and having numerous problems? Old-time Boeing workers credit outsourcing as the issue. And now, with the Boeing 777’s newest model due to be built? Frankly, the company is being an extortionist asshat and Washington’s new governor gave in to try saving Washington jobs and the economy. And in spite of that, Boeing’s management is bending the Machinists Union over to take it up the ass. And management is loudly airing about that these “ungrateful union workers ALREADY make more than the ‘norm’ in Western Washington”….but you see current wages aren’t really much of the argument. What the workers are trying to preserve is their pensions and health care. It is pretty fucking rich that management likes to rant about that when the guy in charge of saying “No” to the unions could retire right now making a quarter million bucks per MONTH.

Well, the union just up and voted to say “No.” right back to Mr. McAssly McNerney’s idea that the people who BUILD the planes that MAKE the money should work longer for less and retire with less. So now, Governor Inslee is tripping over himself trying to make both sides make nice. The Boeing guys making more than some small countries are not going to make nice. 1right to workBesides, they now have some Rethuglican son-of-a-bitch getting ready to threaten EVERY union worker in the state by calling for the Governor to call a special session to declare Washington State a “right to work” state. Right, a fucking “right to work” for whatever the bastards in charge will pay. I’m pretty sure the clear message the unions at Boeing are hearing is “Say yes like good little serfs or you can fucking starve as non-union workers are allowed to crowd you out of your jobs.”

Just remember, Washington, Boeing likes cheaper job markets. My personal prediction, having nothing to do with crystal balls or tarot cards, is that eventually even economically deprived places like the Carolinas won’t suffice. Boeing has been known to tour plants in CHINA; and that work force would be the dream-come-true of Boeing brass. So yeah, keep selling the unions down the river, but when everything they have achieved and built is gone (and more airplanes are falling out of the skies perhaps?) don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2 thoughts on “Corporate Ass-Kissing, Pacific Nor’west Style

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    “ungrateful union workers ALREADY make more than the ‘norm’ in Western Washington”

    So if you lower their wages then you in turn lower the “norm”. There will always be somebody making more than the “norm” until these bastards manage to lower the “norm” to zero. By the way, I wonder how much more than the “norm” these management assholes are making.

    • Obscene amounts over the norm. As I said, the REDUCED retirement pay of that asshat at Boeing is about a QUARTER MILION dollars PER MONTH. He will retire on more per month than most Boeing workers make is several YEARS. But he thinks THEY should work longer and for less. Fuck him. Possibly with an airplane engine.

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