:::Growls at WordPress::::


11/13/2013 by syrbal-labrys

turkeysAgain with the “like” button not working, and not adding post titles and icons to that little list at the right. I’m on a ‘type light” day…back still spasming a bit, fingers of right hand numb from nerve pressure. So —–

And NO, I won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving OR the day after. And I don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. And fuck the Big Ten, too.

Rush to idiocy (again) as the fat pill-addict calls women “receptacles of male sperm”. Maybe some of you can listen to the entire thing, I could not. (Jurassic Pork replies appropriately.)

Quote of the day from Dead Wild Roses! I mean, jeez, you’d think the bastards would like us all to give our forelocks a respectful tug in their direction. Hmmm. . . I guess I could tug SOMEthing.

Zero Tolerance asshattedness never ceases to stupify amaze me. And worse…Biblical “zero tolerance” sorts! Thanks, Skippy!

Complemented for “women’s work”…..I was once told I was a “good woman” for cleaning up a pile of cat-crap. I know just how this woman felt.

And oh my gods and goblins…a boy carrying a purse? That “decline” into the female sector must be halted! Someone just needs to tell that brave young man to line the bottom with rolls of quarters so he can swing that bag to good effect!

And Thank God Gordon for the heads-up on how the Party of No maintains control.

And Thank Bob, too. Cause the bills just keep accruing.


2 thoughts on “:::Growls at WordPress::::

  1. Brina says:

    Most of your links aren’t working for me, hon. They take me to a WordPress login page.

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