Remember the Dead, Honor the Veterans, HELP the Living.

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11/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1stress is caused by givng a fuckI fear Digby has it right about disasters like the massive typhoon that savaged the Philippines. I am supposed to put money in the bank to save for some kitchen repairs this week. I know that is not going to happen.
I am supposed to, alternatively, buy a new gate for my back drive-way. That is not going to happen either. I think, by evening, I will consult with my husband and son –my housemates about where to send the money for the best effect at being a tiny drop in the bucket of need.

I agree, we are going to see more devastation caused by what the GOP wants you to believe is a chimera-nightmare thing instead of reality: global climate change. The estimated deaths for Leyte alone outnumber the names of the dead of two wars that I will read tonight and that horrifies me into wondering how I will find my voice at all. “Mother Nature” can kill far more effectively than any Army….and even more so if nobody marshals forces to try halting the carnage with effective aid.

I don’t believe in prayer. I believe in human action and responsibility. I believe in duty to humankind not to avoid the punishment or gain the accolades of some deity, but because it is how we treat each other and our world that defines who we are and gives meaning to our lives….and sadly, to our deaths. While I do admit to a belief in a subtle action some might call magic; I am a ‘shotgun’ effect sort…don’t bother with any attempt at magic to shape the invisible strands of this world until you have used EVERY mundane earthly attempt. So, my checkbook is about to be depleted. May it be so with all humans of good will! Please HELP in one of these ways!

Edit: And pity more than ever the train-wreck that is Somalia…also hit by a cyclone on Saturday, and eclipsed by the disaster in the Philippines.


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