Rape Post O’ The Day


11/07/2013 by syrbal-labrys

bMilbrD20130508_lowThat title officially depresses me because I could oh-so-easily post daily about rape and rape culture. And the fact that a battle is gearing up to determine who decides what justice, if any, the rape victim gets when it happens in a military context makes me a bit crazed. I mean, imagine trying to get justice from an officer “who said she deserved bad treatment because she wore makeup and running shorts.”

And lest you think that upcoming battle only affects military members? Wrong. I once took my teen daughter to an Army ER after a rape. I took her OUT of that ER when the military doctor began asking her things like whether she got good grades in school and did she “date” a lot. Let your Congress critters know that rape victims are VICTIMS and rapists are CRIMINALS….no matter what uniform they are wearing.

And reporting is spiking. Gee, maybe military women are tired of being treated like a benefit?


4 thoughts on “Rape Post O’ The Day

  1. Rowan says:

    Are we EVER going to make any progess on this. Education is the way (maybe) to get the point across to people, but we have to educate both sexes because there are freaking women out there who believe this crap, too, and pass it on to their children. ::head/desk:: Nope, pounding my head doesn’t make it any better…

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