NEO* – Nothing To Do With the Matrix


11/07/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep CalmOk, could we stop being nationalistic, sectarian morons please? Could we work to ensure what could be SPECIES survival? Because, lo, scientists are apparently a bit wrong — what they have been thinking about how often asteroids strike is apparently a wee bit off. Goodly sized ones that could wreak serious havoc apparently hit every few HUNDRED years instead of every few thousand years.

So, oh, I don’t know…could we quit giving a damn what women do with their very own uteri and who is in bed with whom, and what (if any) deity anyone else worships or doesn’t and concentrate on not being obliterated by literal death from above? (Well, either that or hope landing lights could guide them into some big party full of 1%-ers. Cause damn, if there was ever eradication of the few to benefit the many, that would have to be my idea of what it looks like. Cause, gee, I mean…something must be attracting them, right? Human black holes…)

*Near Earth Objects


3 thoughts on “NEO* – Nothing To Do With the Matrix

  1. Rowan says:

    It’s Mother Gaia sending out a signal that she’s had enough of these parasites; would the universe please send in the cleaners.

    And you, woman, have often asked for the meteors to fall. *wicked grin* Admittedly you want a pinpoint targetting system to go with it, but, still, just saying…

  2. Simply beautiful!

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