Bottoms Up: You Will Be Blamed Anyway!


11/06/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1thou are a douvheI am heartily sick of this discussion. I cannot believe the talk continues to be over whether or not a woman is intoxicated matters if she is raped.

If a man is robbed while drunk, or (heaven forfend!) rolled by a prostitute while drunk, nobody says, “Say, buddy, lay off the sauce!” No, they say things like “Fucking thugs!” and “Dirty whores!”…in other words they ABSOLUTELY blame the perpetrators.

So, why the hell is it a woman’s fault if she is drunk when she is raped? Oh, come on, stop gilding the shit lily….we all know it is because “good girls” don’t (1) drink and (2) get raped.

So yeah, just shut the fuck up. Until they start turning away men at cop shops saying shit like “Well, you should never drink with money on you, Pal,” you can just stop telling me women’s drinking is a cause of rape. Rape is caused by ASSHOLE MEN who think a woman’s body is a piece of property to be used at his will; if she is drunk, he just thinks it makes his act easier. It does NOT free him from being told how “bad” he is.

Telling a woman not to drink to protect herself is right there with “Never go out at night” and “Never dress sexy”….it presumes there IS some protective behavior, when in fact NOTHING absolutely protects a woman from rape.


17 thoughts on “Bottoms Up: You Will Be Blamed Anyway!

  1. Rowan says:

    Again? Why can’t we get it through their heads that the circumstances don’t matter? Under NO circumstances is rape a correct choice. Not for anyone. Ever.

    I hadn’t heard about the conserative men, radical women as they age bit before. Unfortunately I’m seeing the truth in that here; the husband is becoming less willing to take a risk. I see you are a sharp and pointy thing follower. Me, I want a heavy-headed cane; something that will leave an impression on heads, kneecaps and soft bits.

  2. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Victim blaming is as American as any cliche I could type. The Pro-Gun crowd’s argument after our near daily mass shootings blame the victims of gun violence; Those children are dead because they weren’t armed.

    Pudgy watchers of the NFL blame J. Martin for being subjected to racist diatribes. And NFL players former and current blame Martin for not being tough enough and that he needs to ‘Man-up’.

    And we blame women for being raped. However, as a LEO I always correct people as to the actual law, i.e. as it were here in Illinois: (720 ILCS 5/12‑17):
    The manner of dress of the victim at the time of the offense shall not constitute consent.

    • Yes, I have watched the nonsense about the football player subjected to racist slurs with disgust. I think victim blamers, largely, are covering their own fear that they could be the next victim.

  3. Great points…

    Also, good girls also don’t have sex outside of marriage, right? And then they’re just supposed to tolerate it. I mean, they’re supposed to be like the Virgin Mary.

    • Well, of course not and nor do good girls and perfect ladies belch, fart, or defecate. Luckily, I’m neither a good girl or perfect lady and I plan to do all three all OVER the next man who tells me that girls who drink are the problem, not the men who rape.

      • Like that comment. I like your sharp edges!

      • I read somewhere that men get more conservative as they age and that women get more radical…I could live another 20 years just to put that to the test. I think I could use a walking stick with a rapier inside, eh? Sharp edges discourage people who don’t respect boundaries!

      • I would MUCH rather see someone’s edges and know who they are and what they stand for. It’s somewhat annoying when people morph into what they think others (or some imaginary God) want them to be. Interesting. I had heard people in general get more conservative as they age, but had not heard that about differences between men and women. Hmmm….I’m going to look around.


      • Yes, don’t get me started on the cultural affinity for homogenized people. I start to sound like an angry chain saw…

      • LOL! I hear you!


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