Always With the Bang Bang….And Also With Whimpers

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11/06/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1geting rid of At least the latest shooting only killed the shooter himself, allegedly paranoid and maddened by drug issues. How sad that we must count ourselves fortunate that only one died, eh?

But then, nobody will be counting those who die as a result of cuts to welfare, will they? Those don’t leave bloody holes, and can be attributed to “natural” causes. Like that time when I was in kindergarten and my mother almost died of food poisoning; because as private in the US Army, my father couldn’t make enough money to feed his family all month. So the mother ate some suspect food. Yeah, natural causes it is, sure.

And that was a long time ago…55 years ago. And now it comes back around as Republicans fight against things like raising minimum wage or making background checks necessary for folks to buy weaponry. When I was growing up, we often had insufficient food; but my dad almost always had guns.
Sometimes he was able to kill food, poaching deer or rabbits. Sometimes he held my mother at gunpoint through the night, too. Which one of those pretty much illegal activities is it that the Holy Second Amendment crowd is oh-so-sure-is-defensible?

I am really wondering how the GOP and their Tea Party fringes think this all works out; see, I have SEEN this movie before. Being poor AND armed is always more prone to end in something ugly.
When my dad could not make financial ends meet, he found a way to drink and when he drank, he didn’t care what he shot. One night he shot at the neighbor’s prize bull (and missed), and a goat (hit that one), and our dog (hit that, too), and threatened his best friend and his wife.
The cabinets were still empty, but by gawd he had bullets.

So yeah, keep shipping jobs overseas, replace the few left with machines to do them, tell Americans to go shopping, to not get abortions, to send their children to wars in defense of corporate privilege and rapine abroad, tell them health care is Communism and that gay rights threaten their marriages. Sure, keep up the patter of batshit on all roof-tops. In the end, hungry people with guns will do more than stare through the windows of the 1%. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.


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