Asshole of the Decade…Maybe Several Decades: Dr. Paul Wheeler


11/04/2013 by syrbal-labrys

photoIf this was the other blog, this guy would be the magical fire-at-will target; but I actually hope he is legally brought to bear the responsibility of being bought out by Big Coal to not find a SINGLE CASE of black lung in all the years Johns Hopkins has been called to be the “second” and obviously more important opinion in the declining lung function of coal miners.

Autopsies of dead minors at premature ages showed black lung. How Dr. Wheeler sleeps at night is beyond me….he and his “opinion” that he is “entitled to”; odd that his opinion can make it so suffering men are NOT entitled to proper medical aid and compensation.

Gee, I knew Big Coal was (1) not clean, (2) BIG….but holy catcrap, big enough to buy an entire medical facility known nationwide for its thoroughness? For shame…for shame.


2 thoughts on “Asshole of the Decade…Maybe Several Decades: Dr. Paul Wheeler

  1. Saw that asshole on CNN, sleeps just fine at night. Where is a runaway steamroller when you need one?

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