Un-Dear Petsmart:


11/03/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1kissed with a lieI don’t shop much at Petsmart, I try to buy my pet-foods at the same feed store that sells food for my geese. But now and then, I stop in when it is on my way….but not any more. As many dog owners have discovered, to their grief, the jerky treats sold in Petsmart (and until recently in places like Costco) have been sickening dogs…and killing them. The dogs are not dying of blocked guts, but of a kidney-related ailment called Fanconi Syndrome.

So imagine my surprise as I stood in line last week and over-heard the reply given to a frail little old woman buying jerky treats for her dog, American made treats. She told the clerk her vet told her not to buy the Chinese-made dog treats. The clerk proceeded to tell her that the problem is that “Really, it’s not the Chinese treats, it’s people not knowing when to stop giving treats.” The old woman looked shocked. I was shocked, too. I put down my intended purchase and simply left.

So today, I called Petsmart and asked for a manager. I relayed what I had heard and told her I thought this was irresponsible at best, to over-rule a vet’s advice. I told her an overfed dog might suffer a blocked gut, but that since a kidney ailment was killing the dogs it seems unlikely that was the result of over-feeding. She told me that Petsmart told them that since the FDA had not found a particular toxin as cause, they viewed the treats as not being responsible.
Great idea, don’t error on the side of safety, then, SELL those damned Chinese treats and fuck the pet owners and their pets. Good job.

I told the manager they won’t see any more of my money. I mean, seriously, folks. This is China…they sell artificial eggs, for pity’s sake. The don’t have anything like the FDA in action and they would not allow an outside agency to collect samples AT the plant where the treats were made…but heck, that isn’t suspicious at all, is it?

3 thoughts on “Un-Dear Petsmart:

  1. Howie says:

    Don’t forget chemical food colorings. They ruin kidneys and other blands.Go to Whole Foods no food coloring that will kill yourself or your pet.

    • Since there is not a Whole Foods location within an hour’s drive in some of the worst traffic on the west coast? I don’t think I will be going to shop there….and so far, to be honest, perfectly natural foods “try” to kill my highly allergic self more often than food colorings.

  2. azcountry1 says:

    Reblogged this on Desert Views and commented:
    I love the proverb. I intend to use this in the future. Better to hope for the truth and never hope to be lied to. Nice.

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