You Won’t Be Happy Without Bees


11/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1bees I know, you likely all get sick of hearing me continue to hector on and on about bees. Tough.

We need the bees…and they need our help. If you don’t want to consider a few alterations in life to help them, you could be then compared to the dinosaurs that died out LAST time the bees were nearly extinguished.

Today I celebrate the Day of the Dead….and I don’t want MORE bees to be among the dead, damn it!

5 thoughts on “You Won’t Be Happy Without Bees

  1. Ael says:

    If you are scared of being stung (don’t be) you can also make a solitary bee house for your backyard. They don’t typically have stingers.

    • I worked as a professional beekeeper for three years I’m spite of a bee-sting allergy. It isn’t a fear if bees that keeps me from them; it is the expense of hive equipment and bees that don’t survive long.

  2. pjvj says:

    Did you get your Gray Fox Epistle? Did ya? Did ya??

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