Not the Bumbles!!

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11/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

bee glass You know, the “commercial” side of this country could fuck up a goat fuck?
How do I know? Well, between the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides creating a cocktail from ecological hell and contributing to massive honeybee die-offs and commercial beekeeping shipping bees all over the country so monoculture farming doesn’t starve them to death; we are running out of pollinators. So, to read that now the sweet and lovely physics- defying bumblebees are being rounded up, boxed and shipped depresses me no end. Specially since it will destroy their populations and lead to their inevitable decline.

So, thank you, commercial America. Instead of addressing the issue of the decline of the honeybees, you just look for another pollinating species to exploit and fuck over.


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