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11/01/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1stress is caused by givng a fuckI already dropped my ballot off, I voted “Yes” on Initiative 522 and “No” on Initiative 517.

I’m pretty much of a mind to tell Tim Eyeman to go fuck himself…..so anything that benefits him is a “Not only no, but hell no!” from me.

As for the initiative about labeling genetically modified foods, yeah, I really care about this one. So should all Washington residents, whether or not this one is perfectly written. I have a number of food allergies. These impact my life and I read labels like good slaves read the Good Book (thank you Joni Mitchell); because the wrong food can ruin my day, send me to the ER, or kill me. So, I really want to know if anyone is swapping potato genes to make carrots bigger or wtf ever their devious little minds get up to at Monsanto. I also am sensitive to pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides….kind of like me bees that died at this time of year some time back. (Also, with food allergies, I am often in the odd position of preferring artificial dyes in food to a “natural” ingredient that I react to…like paprika.)

So, vote YES, please….practically every other civilized nation already labels foods in this regard; tell the corporations you have a right to know what is being offered for your table. They don’t care about your health, after all, they care about their bottom line and their investors! After all, if there was nothing they were trying to hide from consumers, why would they be putting so much money into defeating this initiative?

(Edit for snarkiness: seeing ads against I-522; I must say, I don’t know what the fuck an ob-gyn doc would know about food labeling. That logical error of “appeal to authority” kind of insists the ‘authority’ at least know the topic.)


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