Friday Fearless Five: News You Can Use


11/01/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1tgif freaya day Yeehaw! ‘Tis the month of November!
(1) How to fix type 2 diabetes?!

(2) But if you don’t HAVE diabetes, and want to be sure you keep that blood sugar down so you don’t cross that line, THIS might help! I can’t eat nuts or much fish due to allergy issues, so supplementation would be an idea!

(3) A Pope who takes from the rich (bishop, even!) to give to the poor? Robin Hood would approve!

(4) Even the Westboro Baptist Church members CAN learn….and LEAVE! Sure, just a wee crack in the dam, but that internet got to them….will Fred Phelps make like China now and pull computer plugs?

(5) Now THIS is homeschooling!

BONUS! And are you one of the people freaking out over your health care plan being canceled in spite of Obama’s assurances that it won’t happen? Well, be smart and USE it to your advantage…don’t immediately opt in to what your insurer offers!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fearless Five: News You Can Use

  1. Jennifer says:

    Where did you find that picture, my friend? Not necessarily the one with the writing on it, but the actual picture. It’s lovely. I really like art like that (even if it came from a coloring book!)

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